No Google doodle for World Environment Day

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No Google doodle for World Environment Day

Today, the 5th of June is World Environment Day. The celebration dates back to 1972 at a United Nations conference. But there is no Google doodle indicating the importance of the day. If we don't know about something, we first Google it but what if the search engine itself doesn't know?

Google could have done a great job today on the homepages of all the countries. It could have passed the messages like 'Go Green', 'Save Trees', 'Conserve nature' and more. It could have created an awareness on the usage of eco-friendly gadgets. But the homepage looks so dull with the same old official logo. There is absolutely nothing green on Google especially on Environment Day.

This is not the first time that Google has not given importance to a special day. The same thing happened to Labor Day, May 1st 2012. The search engine was very partial as it uploaded the doodle for some countries. India was not having a doodle for Labor Day. For World Environment Day, there should have been a global doodle. Unfortunately, Google has missed the occasion.

Google forgets to doodle Charlie Chaplin’s birthday.

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