Facebook security problems and fixes

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Facebook security problems and fixes

Facebook, the social network is where most of you share about your lives. It has several useful features. For instance, you share precious moments of your lives with family and friends, get in touch with friends after many years and more. But, remember that there are positives and negatives in everything. The social media site can be a source of trouble if you commit mistakes and don't even realize. However, with a little effort, you can control Facebook. Here are the common mistakes that will cause problems and the solutions for getting the issue under control.

Approved Apps

Do you remember how many apps you have approved on the network? Some of you might not even know about it. In Facebook, you need to approve the app to read articles, answer questions, play games, and more. The issue with this is that the applications access personal data. Auditing apps once a month is recommended to stay safe. It is quite simple to audit the approved apps. Visit the app settings page and delete those that you are not using by clicking on the X besides it. You can also edit and restrict the app without deleting it.

Facebook apps leak your personal info.

Your Privacy Settings

You need to put in efforts to control how the network uses and shares your information. Its shocking to hear that 13 million users are yet to touch their privacy settings. It is not to difficult to manage the settings. Simply lock down as much as you can. Access the privacy settings page and don't allow anything. After all, your privacy is important above all.

Lots of Friends

Facebook is a social network connecting the entire world together. It is mainly to stay in touch with friends. You might get tons of friend requests from whom you hardly know sometimes from strangers as well. Having more friends in your list is not bad but remember than you are revealing personal information to people whom you don't know. Sit back and think whom you want to have on your account. Once you are ready with the list, you can either delete them one by one or use tools like FacebookDeletes than will batch delete a bunch of them.

Facebook friends are not friends in need.

Addicted to Facebook

How much time you spend on Facebook? It can be fun to be on this social network but its dangerous than alcohol and cigarette. Use the network wisely and effectively. Avoid using it when you've gotta be productive. Have a Facebook addiction test done and know if you are really addicted to it.

Have you modified your privacy settings? Have you figured out some other issue? Let us know your thoughts through the comments section below.

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