8 Things Indian Parents and Kids Should Know About Snapchat

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As a parent, you should be well aware that kids pick up the latest technology lightning fast. But several instances of cyber-bullying that are grabbing headlines have forced parents to look at what children are getting into, whether they're safe online or not.

8 Things Indian Parents and Kids Should Know About Snapchat

As applications like Snapchat, Tinder, Vine, Whisper are getting popular among users (Meant for adults), kids are also getting attracted to these, which can be totally inappropriate for their ages. And the worse part is parents will not even know about it.

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So, here are few things you should know about Snapchat.

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Fun to Use

Kids find it easy and fun to use. They can send tiny clippings with hilarious editing features. However, parents make sure kids use this app appropriately.

Don't think Snaps Can't be Saved

Teens assume that as Snaps disappear in just a few seconds after sending the app is totally harmless. But, it can be easily saved as screenshots. Moreover, as it all goes online, snaps can be recovered.

Snapchat is Officially meant for people over 13 years

As a part of Snapchat official terms of use, it is strictly meant for people aged more than 13 years. But how many of us patiently go through those terms?

Beware of Sexting

This has grown as a major concern as once you are logged in, you officially agree to be over the age limit and there are no filters on content on the app. So, parents if your kids are active on Snapchat, make sure you are monitoring the contents.

No Anonymity Online

Even for people cautious about these issues on Snapchat, you should know that when you are connected to the internet, there is nothing called absolute anonymity. It is just a perceived idea.

Use Snapkidz

You can opt for Snapkidz. This nearly same as Snapchat. But the only difference is you can't exchange snaps with others.

Forensic Experts can Retrieve Data

You will be surprised to hear that Forensic Experts can easily retrieve old data from once phone even after the images have been deleted.

Be open for discussion

Today, this is a very common issue between kids and parents that they are unable to communicate openly regarding any issue. However, it is very important to teach them the appropriate use of apps.

Make sure teens realize that what they post now could surface later in life when they least expect it. because one's online presence always leaves a trail.


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