9 important Facebook and Twitter content that you should avoid posting

    With all the social content that we share on Facebook and Twitter, it is no wonder that privacy of a user is a top priority. No matter where you are and no matter you do, it is of primary importance to realize which posts need to be shared and what not.

    Here are 9 crucial and important information you never share on the social media feed.


    This definitely should be your top priority. The world does not need to know that you're on vacation. The last thing you need to know is that your house has been broken into while you were away enjoying. It could also put you into trouble if you've gone on your escapade without telling your bosses.


    So you want to share a post of your activity to your friends. That's great, but you have to ensure that you disable the location tracking at the time of your post. Stalkers could use all the information they have on you to keep a close watch on your movements and locations.

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    Not every is Edward Snowden, people who bring out the darker side of an organization to the public. Some information is meant to be kept behind doors for the safety and well-being of the clients as well as the proper functioning of the organization. Providing vital information to the public social feeds is not a good idea at all. And if it's meant to be private and confidential, then the warning has to be taken seriously.


    You have a lot to complain about a company and their service. It may also be about the companies you've worked at, about the environment and the people who run it. Bad mouthing on the social feeds for such reasons will definitely get you into legal trouble. Such complaints and grievances are always best to be shared with the organization heads themselves.


    This is the worst part of being on a social media. You tend to post things that amuse you, but may actually be illegal. Before you know it, the police is already at your front door. The evidence is right there on your Wall. Ensure that what you post is important and relevant and that it does not cause you problems.

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    Another warning for those who like to keep showing off their new bling and expensive gadgets. It does nothing but brings resentment from others who see your posts. And if things would get worse, you may not even have the gadget with you anymore, getting to know that your device has been stolen. You may want to consider this the next time you shop.


    So you have had a lot of life experiences that have taught you many things in life. So much so, that you start advising on things that you're never sure of, nor do you have the credentials to justify your statements. Saying something just because you've had a different result does not count as expert advice.


    It is not true that you will be blessed if you share and like a post. Neither will you win an iPhone 6S Plus if you share and post it on your friend's walls. There are only official media companies that truly give away products as prizes, but you have to recognize who genuine the post it.


    Social media is a place that has a log of everything you do and every post that you share. Once you post it for the world to see, there is no turning back. You may be able to delete the post from your feed, but the posts have already been saved in the servers for future reference. Be sure that you do not post anything which you may regret later.


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