After Twitter, Elon Musk Sets His Sights on Vine: Is Social Media The Next Frontier For Chief Twit?

After Twitter, Elon Musk Sets His Sights on Vine

Elon Musk seems to be looking at expanding the Twitter universe and reviving some old and retired platforms. The Chief Twit asked his Twitter followers if they wanted Vine back. Interestingly, the response to the unofficial Twitter poll has been quite positive. It is surprising to see Twitter users wish Vine should be resurrected, especially considering the popularity of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and other platforms offering similar services.


Elon Musk Explores Revival Of Vine, Which Was Ahead Of Its Time

Vine might not be a common name, however, it was once a path-breaking and innovative social media platform. Twitter acquired the short-form video platform back in 2013.

The micro-blogging network even promoted Vine, and it seemed to be working well. But strangely, then-CEO Jack Dorsey ditched the app a few years later. It is not exactly clear why Twitter concluded short videos weren't going anywhere. Even Vine's founder, Rus Yusupov had openly lamented Twitter's decision, with an ominous warning to budding entrepreneurs: "Don't sell your company!"

Needless to mention, TikTok has proven Twitter was extremely wrong. And it appears Musk wants to revisit the product that offered short videos way before TikTok's arrival, its rapid adoption, and insane popularity.

Vine initially allowed videos with just six seconds of duration, but the ultra-short format was later expanded to 140 seconds. TikTok started on a very similar path and gradually started allowing users to upload 10 minutes and longer videos.

Presumably considering Vine could compete with the likes of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and other similar platforms, Musk asked his 112.4 million followers if he or Twitter should bring back Vine.

The response has been very positive and in favor of Vine's revival. As evident from the tweet above, nearly 70% of the Twitter users who participated in the poll, have indicated they want Vine to be brought back.


Is Musk Taking A Risk By Competing With Popular Platforms?

It appears the Twitter poll might have been a way to spark an interest in a retired product. Reports indicate Musk may have already instructed Twitter engineers to look at Vine's revival. Although there's no official confirmation, Vine could make a comeback before 2022 ends.

It is important to note that Vine was designed and deployed almost a decade ago. However, the concept has been widely accepted in the past couple of years.

Elon Musk is the genius behind PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX. Each of these products was path-breaking. Musk has always faced naysayers who dismissed, ridiculed, or even opposed his ideas, only to applaud him later. He had a radical vision for each of these projects, and needless to mention, they have succeeded.

Granted social media is very mature and has amassed billions of active users. However, Facebook is gradually losing its core audience, and Twitter is grappling with waning user interest.

Vine was ahead of its time in 2013. But TikTok has proven the power and popularity of short videos. Musk could very well have a unique take on the dormant platform not just for its revival but also for bringing active users back to Twitter.

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