Twitter restored after major outage

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Twitter restored after major outage

Following the Google Talk outage, that had begun to thin down, reports about Twitter's global outage started gaining momentum. The popular micro-blogging website suffered a major global outage on Thursday. The extensive user base could not access Twitter.

During the outage, Twitter posted a message saying the users may experience issues as they try to access the network. It stated that engineers are working on the issue. Later, Twitter added an update claiming that the issue is resolved.

The official blog post of the social network revealed that the cause of the outage is due to its redundant data centers. When one system fails, a parallel one will take over. But on Thursday, both the parallel systems failed at the same time. This unfortunate coincidence resulted in a global outage.

Last month, Twitter faced a double outage that affected the website and the mobile version. The reason for the double outage was reported to be a cascading bug in the infrastructure.

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