CES 2013: Archos Titanium Tablet Lineup Unleashed: 70, 80, 101 and 97 Titanium HD

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Archos has been quite a consistent player in the tablet category of US market. It was only in December, when the tech manufacturer came up with its Gampad to compete with Microsoft and Sony, by offering the consumers gaming console at an affordable range. Now at CES 2013, the tablet maker announced its new Titanium series consisting a range of four HD tablets, including 70, 80, 97 and 101. The highlighting features of the newly launched tablets are that all of them will come running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and that too at quite decent price points.

This range offers high-end specifications at an aggressive price and all tablets will feature high definition IPS display capacitive multi-touch screen, dual core CPU at 1.6 GHz with Quad core GPU, with 1080p video decoding, sleek aluminum design and as mentioned earlier Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean' with the 700,000 applications on Google Play accompanied by Archos Media Center applications.

CES 2013: Archos Titanium Tablet Lineup Unleashed

Titanium Tablet series comes with 7-inch, 8-inch, 9.7-inch and 10-inch displays. The tablets run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and come at affordable prices.

As far as the pricings are concerned, it has been informed that the 7-inch tablet Archos Titanium 70 is priced at $119 (Rs. 6,600/- approx). The 8-inch tablet Archos Titanium 80 at $169 (Rs. 9,300/-approx), Archos Titanium 101 and Archos Titanium 97 are priced at $199 (Rs. 10,950/-approx) and $249 (Rs. 13,700/-approx) respectively.

The prices of these titanium series of tablets are affordable and purely competitive with those of Amazon among other new affordable tablets. Archos had been in the tablet business for a quite while now and has been consistent in releasing tablets almost every year.

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