Should You Really Upgrade To Apple 2021 iPad Pro? Maybe Not!


Every year we witness loads of new Apple devices seeing the light of day, taking the mantle from their predecessors. Well, with new launches comes "the itch" to upgrade to the latest iteration. And, if you happen to be an Apple fanatic, nobody knows this feeling better than you do!

Should You Really Upgrade To Apple 2021 iPad Pro? Maybe Not!

Just days ago, at the Spring Loaded event, Apple took the center stage to announce a few new upgrades to its already existing lineups. The event also saw the launch of the 2021 iPad Pro. But should you be upgrading if you already use its precursor? Let's convince you otherwise.

Should You Really Upgrade To Apple 2021 iPad Pro? Maybe Not!

Are These Upgrades Practical?

The size is an important aspect for any tablet and the 11-inch model of the 2020 iPad Pro serves the purpose exceptionally well. That said, the latest 2021 iPad Pro incorporates a new mini LED display; however, the upgrade is only available for the 12.9-inch variant which seems too big for a tablet to many, including me. Besides, last year's version features a good IPS panel which is better than many tablets out there and offers an immersive experience nonetheless.

As for optics, it's safe to assume that users hardly take pictures using their iPads, or any other tablet for that matter. For many, the camera upgrades on the latest iPad Pro won't even matter. And, for people who use the front camera for video calls, the 2020 iPad Pro will surely fulfill those requirements without a hassle.

Moreover, a majority of 2020 iPad Pro owners opt for the Wi-Fi-only variant and use the device within the Wi-Fi range. If you are one of them, you hardly require the 4G network on your tablet, let alone the 5G variant of the 2021 iPad Pro. Of course, there's a Wi-Fi-only variant for the 2021 iPad Pro, but here we are pointing out the upgrades you don't need, remember?

Should You Really Upgrade To Apple 2021 iPad Pro? Maybe Not!

Will You Ever Use M1 Chip To Its Full Potential?

You must be wondering why Apple's in-house M1 chip is not considered a great reason to upgrade to the 2021 iPad Pro. Well, on paper, the latest iPad Pro is as swift as the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. While it sounds fantastic, there's nothing for you to take full advantage of the chip's sheer power. Read "What's Stopping iPad From Completely Replacing MacBooks?" to know more.

Here, the operating system also has a huge role to play. While the new tablet has a tremendous speed, there's not much you can do to perceive it. However, if Apple allows iPad Pro to leverage the macOS instead of iPadOS (glorified version of the iOS), the new chip might make more sense for the tablet. Users can then run high-end rendering software, which is only possible on MacBooks as of now.

But that's a topic for another day! For now, we would recommend you continue with the 2020 iPad Pro instead of getting the 2021 version. You can also opt for the MacBook Air or Pro laptop if you wish to unleash the M1 chip to its full potential.

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