How Boltt tries to fight the Wearable space with its AI-powered wearable products

    A conversation with Boltt to understand how the company plans to take on other wearable products in market.

    By Rohit

    The already crowded market of Smart Wearables in India is soon going to get a new competitor in the form of Boltt. The Indian startup founded by Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore aims to redefine the wearable tech by building an entire ecosystem of connected wearable products.

    How Boltt tries to fight the Wearable space

    But how do they plan to challenge the already established names like Garmin, Fitbit and a myriad of tech giants including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

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    The answer may lie in the company's virtual AI coach that is at the heart of Boltt wearable products. This machine learning tool is company's solution to utilize the data collected from the wearable products and turn it into useful insight for consumers.

    How Boltt tries to fight the Wearable space

    We at Gizbot got into an exclusive conservation with the Boltt team to find out how effective is company's AI tool and can it change the Wearable product market. Let's find out.

    Gizbot: Boltt claims to combine AI technology with wearable hardware. Could you please elaborate how your machine learning AI tool utilize the data collected from a user and deduce it into useful insights? How efficient is your AI technology?

    Gizbot: Boltt claims to combine AI technology with wearable hardware. Could you please elaborate how your machine learning AI tool utilize the data collected from a user and deduce it into useful insights? How efficient is your AI technology?

    Boltt: Boltt fitness wearables is a step ahead in technological innovation. We have developed a way to do away with fragmented fitness solutions and are introducing intuitive ‘connected solutions.' Artificial Intelligence is the next step in every segment, and it is evident from the way tech giants have been involved in its development which also indicates it to be a space which still has a lot unexplored. We have thereby put our efforts in discovering the capabilities of AI technology, and we were thrilled to see its magnanimity.

    The industry today is heaped with wearable fitness brands which evidently lacks in offering personal coaching. Boltt AI technology maneuvers over individualistic data. Our AI coach self- adapts to the data captured by the wearable trackers and accordingly provides solutions to achieve better results. There is a major interlink between habits, daily routines, the lifestyle which cumulatively impacts health. Analyzing the various aspects in one go is a tad confusing. Thus we are trying to build an artificial mind to solve the algorithm and come up with the most suited solution.

    Efficiency lies in the product's ability to offer personalized consultation to users. It is an automated process which does not involve human intervention and fortifies authenticity of the process. As it is developed on a new platform, it is equipped to offer advanced solutions in your strife to achieve better results from your fitness regime.

    Gizbot: How your AI differ from Vi wearable AI technology?

    Boltt: Vi wearable technology draws data from an earphone and uses it for inferring training performance. Boltt AI uses more intuitive and accurate data sources: A Connected Shoe and a Stride Sensor (worn on the ankle); hence the motion data captured is most direct and intuitive.

    Also, Vi just gives audio feedback while training, as part of the AI solution.

    Boltt AI covers the whole health, training and wellness ecosystem, giving actionable insights, coaching and guidance on Sleep, nutrition and activity, via a chat based mechanism. As well as live audio feedback during training. It is far more holistic and comprehensive.

    Gizbot: Few wearable makers have partnered with Nutritionists, coaches who guide people and charge some fee on a monthly basis. How you (and your AI tool) aim to compete with expert’s guidance?

    Boltt: Boltt's AI draws data from wearables and is capable of decoding patterns and habits of the user using machine learning and cognitive computing.

    It gives actionable insights and forward guidance on how to build a better lifestyle, giving coaching on how to improve sleep, diet and daily activity, basis personalized goals.

    Boltt AI can comprehend billions of data sets in a fraction of a second. You can feed it with data set after data set, and it does not get tired or makes mistakes. It is self learning, fast and efficient. A human mind is not capable of processing, analyzing and inferring so much information in seconds.

    Boltt is drawing scientific guidance and insights, built into its AI, from a world leading panel of specialists in Sleep Science, Nutrition, Behavioral Change and Sports Science and training.

    Gizbot: You have partnered with Garmin. Have you also partnered with some Sports gear manufacturers to design your wearables for athletes?

    Boltt: We have a tech alliance with Garmin for one of our Wearable Sensor forms. Other wearables, software and AI is being developed in house.

    At the moment, we do not have plans of other alliances.

    Gizbot: How you aim to sell your products in Indian market-Online, Offline or Hybrid model?

    Boltt: Consumers can buy the products online; they will be available on the sites of our credible e-commerce partners. We have plans to open experiential stores in the major cities across the globe for our customers to offer direct product experience and also cater to their product queries.

    Unlike other wearable products that usually displays your work out regimes and data such as steps covered, sleep pattern, calories burnt, etc. Boltt tries to go one step ahead by implementing Artificial Intelligence in its wearable products.

    So this was our conversation with the Boltt. The company is planning to launch its products in January 2017 and will compete against the likes of Fitbit, Garmin, recently announced Misfit and other wearable product makers.

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