Apple Watch 7 To Get More Health Features: Will It Fare Better Than Fitbit Wearables?


Apple Watch is one of the most premium wearables out there. There has been longstanding speculation that the smartwatches from the iPhone maker might get the ability to monitor blood sugar levels. Now, it looks like this speculation is all set to get some credibility.

Apple Watch 7 To Get More Health Features

New Apple Watch 7 Features Hinted

As per a report by The Telegraph and Forbes, Rockley Photonics, a UK healthtech company recently confirmed that Apple has been the largest customer of SEC filing for two years and it focuses on continuing to develop its future offerings.

Notably, Rockley Photonics focuses on sensors that monitor blood pressure, blood glucose and alcohol levels. As a result, there are speculations that the upcoming Apple Watch, probably the Watch 7 that is slated to be launched next year could feature at least one of these features.

So far, the support offered by Apple smartwatches for diabetes has been limited only to third-party monitors available in its stores. Also, there is no confirmation that the Rockley deal will be seen in the final products. Only an official confirmation regarding the same should give more clarity on this front.

If this turns out to be true, it will be a great one as the health industry is expected to develop a needleless solution to monitor blood sugar levels. This is possible with blood sugar sensors that could be fitted to wearables. If Apple comes with such a technology, then it will go into the mainstream as it will provide an advantage to those who jab themselves to keep diabetes in check.

How Does It Compete With Fitbit?

When it comes to features, both Apple Watch and Fitbit models come with a plethora of health-centric features. All these wearables come with the ability to check the heart rate, steps walked, sleep duration, and more. However, Fitbit takes it to the next level with in-depth sleep cycle analysis while Apple Watch focuses on daily sleep goals and following a bedtime routine.


Focusing on mental health, Fitbit has an upper edge in terms of stress management. These wearables use an EDA sensor to see how stressed you are and offer meditation and similar actionable advice. Also, the Fitbit app received blood glucose tracking and glucose meters support recently. If Apple Watch 7 comes with the rumored ability to monitor blood pressure, blood glucose and alcohol levels, then these will give it an upper hand over Fitbit.

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