DEBUNKED! 7 Myths Related To Headphones And Earphones That Are Not True

    Over the past few years, we have seen many people using their headphones or earphones a lot as there has been a surge in the popularity of this segment. This is due to the existence of many types of headphones and earphones in the market.

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    DEBUNKED! 7 Myths Related To Headphones And Earphones Are Exposed

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    With the increase in the usage of such accessories, the myths relating to the usage of these devices also prevail. This is true even after many campaigns have started highlighting the benefits and features that you can enjoy with the use of headphones and earphones.

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    When it comes to headphones, you might be looking for answers to know what are the best wireless headphones in the market, the ones that are low priced, etc. But, you will get to see some of the myths related to headphones and earphones debunked over here.

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    Hearing impact

    The common myth is that the headphones and earphones will destroy your hearing ability, but this is not entirely true. The myth is believed by many because if your ear is damaged, it will be impaired forever. Of course, your ears are prone to damage due to the long exposure to loud sound and the damage is not due to the type of earphones or headphones you use, but the intensity of the sound frequency.

    All headphones and earphones have a universal fit

    Its known that the ear size and shape of every individual is different. A product that is well designed might not render the perfect fit that you expect. As a music buff, you might know that if your headphone or earphone doesn't fit you as it sound, it is no good. You need to try the product to know if it fits you and provides the sound quality that you actually intend to experience.

    Noise canceling will remove all noise

    The are noise canceling headphones and earphones in the market that are meant to remove the ambient noise. But such products can remove only the low frequency and droning noises such as wind, road noise, etc. The noise canceling feature will not eliminate all the noises that are in the background. There are high frequency noises that cannot be eliminated by the earphones despite the presence of the noise canceling feature. You need to pick one that suits your needs to get the best experience.

    All headphones have the same volume

    There are different kinds of earphones and headphones and the volume of each product differs based on the companies and designers. Each such product will have a different listening volume and the one with an high volume level might drain the battery of the device you are using faster than the one that has a relatively lower volume.

    Loud sound damages the headphones

    There is a myth that the headphones or earphones get damaged by the loud sounds. This is false as the product has the ability to put out the harmful sound pressure levels before it reaches the breakdown volume. At this point, the product will stop increasing the volume and it will become distorted. Usually, the amount of electrical signal needed to damage the headphones or earphones is pretty higher than the distortion point. Eventually, the loud sounds or the sound with high sound pressure levels will not damage the headphones. On the other hand, very high electrical signals can result in considerable damage.

    Expensive products always sound better

    There is a myth that the expensive headphones or earphones will always sound better. It is common for you to think that way as you spend more money on the product. Sometimes, a product that is cheaper might give you a better quality. The overall quality of a pair of headphones or earphones depends on many factors such as personal preference, fit, and more. Buying an expensive product might not deliver all that you need.

    Earphones with quad drivers are better

    People believe that earphones with quad drivers are better than those with single or dual drivers. It it is not true in all cases. A pair of single-driver earphones has a few limitations and for this reason companies include multiple drivers to the either side of these products. In such products, the incoming audio signal is split into two or more paths based on the number of drivers used and every audio path will be optimized for a particular frequency range. But, there is no guarantee that the earphones with multiple drivers will render a better performance than the ones with a single driver.

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