5 ways you're destroying your precious headphones

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Music is an important part of our country and an even bigger part of our digital lives. We enjoy it with our friends with the car stereo volumes turned up, or through the speakers of our smartphones.

But the most important companion of our musical journey is our beloved headphones. But it so happens sometimes that our headphones are mistreated in some ways that make it useless in the future.

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5 ways you're destroying your precious headphones

No care

The headphones that ship with your smartphones and also the ones that you buy separately require proper care and protection. It is vital to be careful when using it. You might fall asleep in bed listening to your favorite tunes, only to wake up the next day to find the cords all tangled and a broken headphone.

5 ways you're destroying your precious headphones

Storage methods

When it comes to taking care of the headphones, be it in-ear or over-the-head style, it always pays to keep it safely stored in a proper way.

Leaving it in the headphone jack is not a proper way of storing it. Anyone can accidently pull on the cords unknowingly and damage them permanently. Rolling the cords in a tight loop too can cause the wiring to get damaged the cords to get frayed.

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5 ways you're destroying your precious headphones

Proper storage locations

As much as the storage methods are important, it's also crucial that they're stored in a location that can't damage them a lot. Tossing them into your backpack is worst damage that you can subject them to. The best way is to keep it in a protective case that you're sure will handle the pressure and movements of your luggage.

5 ways you're destroying your precious headphones

Volume up

Cranking up the volume of your music is great for those who enjoy the beats. But playing your music full volume can damage the internal mechanics. Always ensure that you're listening to your music at an optimum level of sound.

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5 ways you're destroying your precious headphones

Absurd quality

Most headphones come with the cheapest quality build and it never lasts too long. If you treat them the same way you always do, you will end up buying a new one quite often.

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