New Apple patent shows water-dust resistant keyboard for MacBooks

The patent filed by Apple talks about various test cases to protect damage to keys’ mechanism from water, dust and crumbs.

    Apple is working on a keyboard for Macbook users that will resist liquid, dust and crumbs to offer a long-lasting usability experience. The information has been surfaced after the patent filed by the iPhone maker popped out online on march 8, 2018.

    New Apple patent shows water-dust resistant keyboard for MacBooks


    The patent is titled as "Ingress Prevention for Keyboards" and talks about a new kind of key mechanism that prevents or alleviates containment ingress. The patent's description gives an account how the technology is going to work. As per the patent, the keyboard in making would use 'membranes or gaskets' to keep foreign objects like water and dust particles from getting in under the keys that can jam the electronic components in the keyboard.

    New Apple patent shows water-dust resistant keyboard for MacBooks

    The patent reads, "Liquid ingress around the keys into the keyboard can damage electronics. Residues from such liquids, such as sugar, may corrode or block electrical contacts, prevent key movement by bonding moving parts, and so on".

    As per the patent application filed by Apple, the team of inventors that also includes a participant Karan Bir from Bangalore, India, shows various types of barriers that could be used to keep water-dust fragments from coming in from the sides of keys. To keep the debris out, Apple is exploring possibilities by adding multiple flanges. The first flanges include a first protrusion that interacts with second protrusion of the second flanges. The first and second protrusion may travel with respect to each other to block containment ingress during part or all of motion of the key cap.

    New Apple patent shows water-dust resistant keyboard for MacBooks


    Another implementation talks about spikes or knobs that can break down the crumbs by crushing components during motion of the key assemblies.

    In an another implementation, Apple's patent also talks about a membrane beneath each key that would blow out air every time a key is pressed, pushing out unwanted debris.

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    It is not yet known or officially announced that when the keyboard in discussion will go in production for Macbook users. We will keep a close eye on Apple's developments on the new products. Stay tuned on Gizbot.

    Source: Apple Patent

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