One Roar TWS Earbuds Review: Powerful Battery Is The Saving Grace


TWS earbuds segment in India has been bustling with a lot of new launches in recent times. Popular brands like Noise, boAT, JBL, and others have been steadily expanding their product offering in recent times. Joining the list is One Roar with its new DENX45 TWS earbuds.



One Roar TWS Earbuds Review

One Roar TWS earbuds

The One Roar TWS earbuds pack a comparatively large battery case of 1,000 mAh capacity. One Roar has also featured an in-ear design, passive noise cancellation, and more. I've been using the One Roar DENX45 TWS earbuds for a while, exploring its pros and cons, which I've discussed in this review.


One Roar TWS Earbuds Design

One Roar has a couple of products available in the Indian market, ranging from headphones and wired earphones. The brand has expanded its product portfolio with the new One Roar TWS Earbuds. The earbuds feature an in-ear design and offer 6mm drivers, which are powerful.

For me, the earbuds were quite comfortable, even when I wore them for long hours. However, when my colleague tried the earbuds, it didn't snug-fit at all - which is one of the differentiating factors of in-ear earbuds. One Roar has included a couple of different ear tips, which one can try to get the right fit for you.

IPX6 certified

Additionally, these are IPX6 certified, which makes them water and sweat-proof. I wore the One Roar TWS Earbuds comfortably during workouts or even on crowded metro rides. Plus, there's no ear fatigue, which is another good point.

One Roar TWS Earbuds Performance: Decent Enough

One Roar TWS Earbuds Performance: Decent Enough

The One Roar DENX45 TWS Earbuds offer low latency and bass. The overall experience with the earbuds is quite good, especially if you're using them for audio playback. The bass is quite good, but doesn't deliver a bass experience that pumps your heart! If you're looking for a pair of earbuds to listen to casual music, these might be good.

Additionally, the One Roar TWS Earbuds come with passive noise cancellation. This feature is good too, especially when you need surrounding environment sounds to come in. To note, many earbuds in the market with a similar price tag offer active noise cancellation, the Oppo Enco Air2 Pro, for instance.

pairing process

I also found the pairing process with the earbuds to be smooth and seamless, thanks to Bluetooth v5.1. Overall, the new One Roar TWS Earbuds are good. You can use these in all kinds of environments, including crowded places. My experience with the One Roar earbuds has been good, which is also backed by the comfortable design.

One Roar TWS Earbuds Call Experience

One Roar TWS Earbuds Call Experience

This also brings us to the calling experience with the One Roar TWS Earbuds, which was to say it wasn't pleasant. I used the One Roar TWS Earbuds to make and receive phone calls. However, I noticed that the calls would get disconnected frequently. What's more, this is a frequent problem I've faced with many other TWS earbuds.

The overall gesture controls and usage is quite good on the One Roar TWS Earbuds. You can receive calls with a tap on the earbuds, which is convenient. Plus, you can use gestures to control the music and volume or even access your voice assistant.

One Roar TWS Earbuds Battery: Commendable

One Roar TWS Earbuds Battery: Commendable

One of the best features of the One Roar TWS Earbuds is the battery. Here, the DENX45 comes with an aluminum alloy battery case with a 1,000 mAh capacity. The earbuds offer a 45 mAh battery, which the company claims to last six hours. Along with the battery case, users can get sixty hours of playback time.

The real-life battery experience syncs with what the company claims, giving you long playback hours. You also get a tiny display on the charging case that indicates the battery status. The battery on the One Roar TWS Earbuds is one of the best features I came to like. Despite the massive battery size, it charges in just about an hour, which is quite impressive.

One Roar TWS Earbuds Verdict

One Roar TWS Earbuds Verdict

One Roar is a relatively new brand, which is manufactured in India. The earbuds are priced at Rs. 3,699 and is available on Flipkart and Amazon. For the features offered, the One Roar TWS Earbuds are quite expensive. The powerful battery, indicator, and comfortable design are key plus points.

I've used several earbuds, including powerful ones like the Oppo Enco Air2 Pro, which comes with a similar price tag. However, the Oppo earbuds are powerful with ANC, better mic quality, and call experience. To conclude, the One Roar earbuds are quite good but keep your options open.

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