Google News app update brings four new features to the platform

The new features will help the users with slow internet condition.

Google's news-oriented app Google News is receiving a new update. With the new update, the Google News app is receiving four new features which as per Google will help the users who have slow internet connections or have consumed their data limits. As per a post by Google on the company's official website, the new features are designed with a focus to load the slow web pages faster, save data and to deliver an overall smooth user experience while using the app on all Android devices and even the low-end Android Go smartphones.

To begin with, the Google News will now open videos on YouTube Go rather than the full-fledged YouTube app. The YouTube Go app is basically an optimized version of the YouTube app which is designed specifically for the entry-level Android smartphones. The YouTube Go is a lighter version of the actual version of the YouTube and with the latest update, the videos on Google News will not play automatically. This will help in not only saving the data but will also load the slow web pages faster.

The second feature is the change in Newscasts. Newscasts are nothing but the previews of a story and it will now focus majorly on the text rather than relying on the images and the videos. With the help of this feature, users will be able to save more data as the images and video formats will not be prioritized.

With the third feature, the images will now be compressed and will load completely only after they are tapped on. The GIFs, as well as the videos, will also not auto-play by default, users will need to play them manually. This means the data consumption will be low and there will be less cached data saved on the device.

The final feature will allow the users to save the articles they want to read offline. With the help of this feature, users will now not need to download the duplicate content allowing them o save the space on their devices.

All the above-mentioned features will surely enhance the user experience of the Google News app. As for the availability, the new features will be turned on automatically on the app. This means users will not need to turn on any setting or download any update manually. Google has already started rolling out the update and it is expected that the update will be available to all the users over a course of next few weeks.

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