Microsoft Office Suite For iPad Well Received In India

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Microsoft recently launched the Office Suite Apps for iPads globally and it has already reached India. The package include Word, Excel and PowerPoint which makes the iPad more office-friendly device. Moreover, what makes the Office Suite App better is that it is free and thus the same has hit the top of Apple App Store's charts for free apps in India. This actually proves how much the users had needed the Suite.

Microsoft Office Suite For iPad Well Received In India

To be precise, apart from the top three positions on Apple's India App Store for iPad which are now occupied by Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the fourth seat is taken by another Microsoft product called OneNote.

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Thus Satya Nadella's tweet of a screenshot of the iPad App Store showing the top four free apps by Microsoft with a caption, "Looks like a productive Friday for iPad owners" actually makes sense.

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However, in terms of competition, Apple's iWorks productivity suite and Google's Quickoffice might have a tough time.

Through the recently launched Office Apps, users can read documents, Word and Excel and also to the advantage of the users the suite offers a presentation making app PowerPoint on your iPads.

The new suite works on a freemium model, and even if users decide not to opt for an Office 365 subscription, they can still do a number of basic tasks via the app. However, for more advanced tasks and features, users will need to subscribe to the Office 365 suite. Microsoft has also made the Office app on Android and iPhone free. The app is meant to be free for home users on both platforms, allowing individual users to view, create and edit files for free.

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