Android: TouchPal keyboard

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Android: TouchPal keyboard

The Swype keyboard started the tradition of swiping on the mobile screen and this offered the users with innovative and different typing experience on the smartphones. This was expected to have some competitors and one among them is the TouchPal keyboard. For those who feel Swype is good, TouchPal will be still more better. This will take innovation, experience and simplicity to an all new level. The exciting news is that it is available for free on the Android Market.

This does not have the swype based keyboard but instead has the normal mini QWERTY and alphanumeric ones. These are neat and compact and they are more importantly thumb-able even in the small sized screens. All you have to do to type using the keyboard is swipe through it. It will read the direction and they type the word. The accuracy is decent and it recognizes the work using the suggestions.

TouchPal is the future of input and it will be impressive for anyone who wants to type without errors using touchscreens and also for those who like to try sliding instead of tapping. This app is also available for the tablets and to avail this you have to download the TouchPal Keyboard Tablet from the Android Market. The beta version is free and it has features like gesture controls an splittable keyboard.

Some of the unique and patented technologies used in this are as follows.

TouchPal Curve: This is the first predictive sliding available in the world. To get long words, you have to pause in the middle of sliding.

Next Word Prediction: This will save bout 80% of the keystrokes.

Mistyping Correction: The blind typing can become a dream come true with this keyboard.

Mixed language input: Can input in different languages without the need of switching between them.

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