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The app is a mobile application that is strictly against the distracted drivers. This app has been featured by several news channels and websites as it helps in preventing the incidents due to the distracted driving.

The app actually avoids the distraction during driving by speaking aloud the SMS and the emails so that the you can have yourself concentrated on driving. The app also allows you to reply to the SMS and emails by using your voice and the commands like call back the sender or repeat the message. You can safely drive without texting or reading through the messages and emails. You can be focused on driving while you leave off the app to take care of the rest in a hands-free style.

The app is capable of doing the following:

  • Play the incoming SMS and the emails

  • Play messages on your demand

  • You can customize the length of the messages that have to be read for you. (default is 20 words and it can be even unlimited words)

  • The app doesn't create any impact on your phone's performance

  • You can reply to the messages by voice (for emails it is not supported still)

  • Supports all the countries

Usage of Pro app is as follows:

  • Download the application either from the Blackberry App World or from the website using the Blackberry browser

  • Now you have install the app and run it

  • Click the app icon on the Applications or Downloads folder of your phone to launch it

  • Read and agree the TOS of the app

  • Now the app is turned on and it will read out the SMS and emails once you receive them

  • if you require to turn it off, then change the On button to Off

  • You can modify the settings by adjusting the Settings

Download this app and discard all your temptations about reading your SMS and emails that you receive while driving. Do not forget that the normal billing charges of your carrier for the incoming and outgoing messages apply for the messages subjected to this app as well. This app is available for free only some period of time and after which it will cost $ 19.99 for download.

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