Japan swept by the "Silent Camera Apps" Wave

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Japan swept by the

The latest buzz doing the rounds is the sudden rise in silent camera apps that are being used in "illegal photography". This app, according to reports has led to a 50% rise in unsolicited photography and videography in Japan.

These "Silent Camera Apps" hold back the users' real activity and displays an e-mail( or text ) on the screen while the user is allowed to freely photograph anything he/she desires. This, according to sources has led to a horrific increase in crime-incidents last year in Japan and the trend is expected to continue. This new wave has swept the Japanese youth and is posing a big risk to the digital world along with questioning the credibility of technology.

The sources have also stated that these "silent camera applications" can also be upgraded free of cost and are also available in the Android & the Apple iTunes market. The " Silent Camera Apps" can thus be easily for stealth photography and the identity of the users is concealed.

If the same trend continues, the crime rate in Japan is sure to increase rapidly in the coming months. The anti-social elements are having a ball with with the onset of these apps.

One more alarming factor about the "silent camera apps" is their spy- camera like nature that allows the users to even record events without being identified and their compatibility with smartphones.

The Japanese authorities have called for regulation of these type of apps, but will they be successful, only time will tell. Therefore, the cyber world in the Western Countries is also on high alert about these types of apps sneaking in.

By the usage of the"Silent Apps" the camera is thus being converted into a destructive tool rather than a constructive, creative medium.


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