Making the Most Out of iOS: Top 5 Utility Apps You Should Download

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Smartphones are of the normal standards in today's world with two of the most prominent mobile-based platforms -- Android and iOS -- currently asserting their hold on the market with their own set of features and apps.

Sticking to iOS in the current piece, this Apple-made mobile operating system is predominant all around the world with Apple's iPhone and iPad offerings now available almost everywhere.

Making the Most Out of iOS: Top 5 Utility Apps You Should Download

While it's quite needless to say that apps related to gaming and photography still remain on top of the charts, there are others as well that are although not that popular, are still important to have in your phone nonetheless. We are talking, of course, about utility apps for the iOS operating system.

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But while there are a host of utility-based apps to choose from, not all offer what they actually say to offer. So which are the most important utility apps that you should have on your device? Here is the list of top 5 among them.

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iOS Utility: Picture Safe

There's no need to worry about all the prying eyes around you trying to get a glimpse of your personal clicks in your phone. With the Picture Safe app in place, you can now drag photos into a folder and then lock it with a certain PIN number. That means only you will get access, nobody else.

iOS Utility:

Have you ever wondered exactly how fast your mobile data is in or around your home or office? Now thanks to the free Speed Test for iOS application from, users can easily determine upload and download speeds for cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Users will just need hit "Begin Test" and that will provide an estimate of your network's upload and download speeds normally.

iOS Utility: Dropbox

If you are a cloud fanatic and everything related to it, this is the app that you will surely want to download. Dropbox makes it quick and easy to share files between Web-connected devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. Dropbox also gets you a lot of free storage space after installing.

iOS Utility:

The application for iOS is a necessity and one of those apps you absolutely need to have. The app offers basic dictionary features, along with audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search and more.

iOS Utility: Chrome

Chrome is already one of the most popular mobile browsers as it will get all of your desktop's open tabs and bookmarks synced to the phone so you can carry on searching. You can also search directly from the URL bar, alongside real-time results.

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