Beware WhatsApp iPhone Users! This 5-Second Video Will Crash Your Phone

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WhatsApp users of Apple iPhone have always plagued with some issues, and it seems like the tradition continues. Users of Reddit have discovered a major bug in Apple’s iOS, which crashes the iPhone in opening a hit MP4 video of 5 seconds.

Beware WhatsApp iPhone Users!This 5-Second Video Will Crash Your Phone

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The device crashes after 10 seconds from viewing the video. However, some users claimed that their phone crashed after opening the link of the received video, but some of them noticed that their iPhone did not freeze after viewing the downloaded file.

So, beware for now. Also, it is worth seeing that your phone crashes even if you receive the message via any other messaging platform. For example, you received the message from iMessage and still your message crashes without any reason.

Having said that, this video just temporarily freezes your Apple iPhone, but you can quickly fix it by pressing the power button and home button for 10 seconds and then the phone reboots.

Beware WhatsApp iPhone Users!This 5-Second Video Will Crash Your Phone

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The Apple iOS has already plagued with this kind of issue in the past as well. Last year, a major bug detected was identified crashing iPhones whenever a text was sent. But, Apple quickly addressed that bug.

Currently, there are no words from the Cupertino giant on this issue, but we might well receive a quick software update in near future as Apple should have already noticed this news on the internet.

Are you among the one infected with that video? Let us know in comments section below.

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