Google Releases Cardboard Camera app to view VR photos

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Google launched the Cardboard Camera app for Android that turns the phone into a 3D virtual reality camera. The app lets users to create VR-style photographs as well as use the app to view 3D photos in realtime by clicking them.

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In order to get a VR style photo, users will have to move their phones to get a panoramic view and use the app. Users can see near objects to be near and far objects to be where they are. After capturing the photos, users can then view the photos on the Google Cardboard viewer and view images with sound and movement. Using the cardboard mode in the app, users can look at specific 3D panorama and use the button to select it. Users can click photos from their cameras and use the app to get a 3D view.

Google Releases Cardboard Camera app to view VR photos

However, Google has put up a disclaimer stating that users must not use this app while driving, walking, or otherwise by being distracted or disoriented from real world situations that will prevent them from obeying traffic or safety laws

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