Zoom India Data Routed Through Data Centers In Mumbai, Hyderabad; Sameer Raje, GM Zoom


Zoom, the video conferencing app is used by more than 300 million daily participants. This number is expected to go up, given the ongoing pandemic. We had several questions regarding the origin of the Zoom app, and how it works.

Zoom India Data Routed Through Data Centers In Mumbai, Hyderabad

We recently had an e-mail interview with Sameer Raje, General Manager, and India Head, Zoom Video Communications to get some insights about the conferencing app, and here are some of the responses from Sameer Raje.

Is Zoom A Chinese App?

There have been significant misinformation and blatant inaccuracies circulating about Zoom with regards to China from various channels. Zoom is a US company, publicly traded on the NASDAQ, founded, and headquartered in San Jose, California. Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, is an American citizen for the last decade or so.

In India, we've been proud to help businesses, government agencies, communities, and other users stay connected during this global health crisis. More than 125,000 schools across 25 countries took us on our offer to help them continue children's education, including nearly 2,400 in India.

The Zoom platform is trusted by many of the world's largest corporations and universities. Zoom has become an instrumental part of daily life during the current COVID-19 pandemic, with over 300 million daily meeting participants relying on Zoom to stay connected to their colleagues, contacts, family, and friends, regardless of the physical distance between them.

Does Zoom Store User-Data? If Yes, Then Where Does It Store The Indian User Data, And How Secure The Entire Process Is?

Zoom's system is designed such that only minimal information is collected and unless a meeting is recorded by the host, the video, time audio, and chat content is not stored. Data of all paid users in India is routed through India based data centers in Mumbai and Hyderabad, and that of all free users is routed through our data centers in the US. We also now offer a feature to our paid customers an option of controlling their data routing by opting out of certain data center regions.


Zoom places great emphasis on safety and security and has implemented a robust system of security controls designed to protect users' personal data, as well as features to help Zoom users protect the security of their meetings. In fact, Zoom follows the guidelines of the countries it operates in and interfaces with local governing bodies on cybersecurity issues.

What Is The Market Position Of Zoom In India?

There have been many independent studies comparing the solutions leading in the market and you can refer to those - but we do not endorse any third-party reports. What we can tell you is that India is a very important market for us and there are continued efforts to provide better and seamless services to our users, whether in the government, small or large enterprises, schools, or standalone users.

We had recently expanded our presence by launching a technology center in Bengaluru. We now also support Indian Rupee as a pricing option for our users in this region. These strategic investments represent Zoom's focus on the market which is one of the most important regions after the US.

What Percentage Of Zoom Users Pay For The Service?

We can't disclose specific figures. However, from January to April 2020, Zoom has seen 67 times growth in free user sign-ups in India and 4 times growth in paid users with 10 (or more) employees.

Strategy To Tackle Competitive And Clone Video-Conference Apps?

Zoom has experienced intense competition since it was established in 2011, and yet we have become the platform of choice for millions of participants around the world. The strongest advantage Zoom has over other products is it is simple and easy to use. Even a layman can start using Zoom in a few clicks, and that is what makes it easy to adopt. The interface is user-friendly for different users of all age-groups.

We had recently concluded our annual flagship conference, Zoomtopia that saw more than 50,000 participants this year. During the 2-day event, we have announced a new range of features and services that take the platform to a new improved level. Here are some of the unique features of the Zoom video conferencing platform.

  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE) - Starting next week, we'll roll out end-to-end encryption for free and paid Zoom users around the world.
  • OnZoom - We've introduced our public beta for OnZoom, an online events platform and marketplace for paid Zoom users who want to create, host, and monetize classes, concerts, or fundraisers via the Zoom Meetings platform.
  • Zoom Apps - With Zoom Apps, you'll be able to use your favorite apps like Atlassian, Asana, Box, Dropbox, PagerDuty, and Slack directly within the Zoom platform.
  • UCaaS enhancements: New and enhanced features across our platform Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Video Webinars.
  • Customizable SDK - Developers can use our new customizable SDK to bring high-quality video, audio, chat, and other Zoom features directly into their custom-built apps for Android, iOS, and web.
  • Zoom Cares - Our new philanthropic entity, Zoom Cares, builds on our culture of caring with a commitment to making an impact on education, social equity, and climate change.

We know what it takes to become the unified communications platform we are today, including the immense amount of work and focus required to create our frictionless user experience, sophisticated security, and scalable architecture.

Any Upcoming Zoom Features To Look Out For?

Apart from what we had announced during Zoomtopia 2020, here are some of the features that we had recently launched to enable an accessible, interactive, and immersive user experience.

Spotlight Or Pin Multiple Videos For Meetings

Multi-pin and multi-spotlight are powerful features that help to interact more like we would in real life. Multi-pinning allows you to keep multiple videos in place. That means for your view only, the interpreter and speaker stay in the same spot, no matter who is speaking, making it easier to focus on the content. The host and co-host can grant permission for up to nine people in the meeting to pin multiple videos.
Multi-spotlight works very similarly, except the spotlighted videos show for everyone in the meeting. The host or co-host can spotlight up to nine videos so that everyone sees the same spotlighted videos. This is helpful for larger meetings that want to spotlight interpreters and speakers for everyone.

Rearrange Videos

In Gallery View, videos reorder according to who is speaking or raising their hand. It allows users to drag and drop videos into a custom order. Say, an interpreter's video is in a lower corner, far from the content. Users can move their video tile closer to what's being shared so that they can see them more comfortably. And when speakers change, the view will stay. Simply click, drag, and drop.

Keyboard Accessibility

At Zoom, we test our products and features to be fully keyboard accessible. Additionally, we have several keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of our keyboard shortcuts.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is available with professional captioners, or you can assign someone to type closed captions in your meeting. Caption size can easily be controlled in the Accessibility settings. Users can get to these settings either from the up arrow on the closed captioning button in the meeting or in settings on your desktop client.

Screen Reader Support

We support all major screen reader software. To help focus on the alerts that users want to hear, screen reader alerts can be adjusted in accessibility settings.

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