Canon Powershot SX 150 Review

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Canon Powershot SX 150 Review

Powershot SX 150 is a 14.1 megapixel camera from Canon with super zoom options. This one has semi-manual and manual exposure modes along with several user friendly automatic options. 

Canon Powershot SX 150 has an ISO range of ISO 80-1600. This camera features 720p video mode as well. The weight of this Canon camera is just 306g (including battery) and makes it comfortable for using it for long time. Its other physical attributes are also impressive with a dimension of 113 x 73 x 46 mm.

This gadget features Intelligent Image Stabilization which can select up to 7 modes based on the scene you are shooting. PASM shooting modes helps you have better control over image capturing. If you are somebody new, choose Auto mode, but if you want to control flash and shutter speeds, then go for Program and S modes in PASM options. You can also have manual and aperture priority modes.

Canon Powershot SX 150 is quite chunky when compared to other ELPH/IXUS models of the company. But it is comparatively smaller and lighter while considering SX40 model. It comes up with an installed SD card. Although it can’t be referred as a pocket camera, it can easily get fit into larger pants and also in jacket pockets. 

Canon Powershot SX 150 is a user friendly camera as it is easy to operate even for fresh users. The package also comes with a user guide which explains in detail about the menu settings which is extra helpful for users. The external controls of the camera are placed conveniently for someone to locate and operate. 

The manual pop-up flash is housed in the top deck. The mode dial, power on/off button and also shutter button/zoom are placed on the right side of the flash. The controls like exposure compensation, playback, display, video and also menu buttons are placed on the rear panel. It contains a 4-way controller as well. The centre Function/Set button is the highlight of this camera which uses a quick menu to change the frequently used settings. 

The resolution of this Canon camera is comparatively low with 230,000 dots. But this drawback is negligible while considering the price tag of this camera. The visibility and clarity is comparatively better at almost all lighting conditions. As with other cameras, shooting under super bright sunlight is not that comfortable. Unlike its recent rivals which used CMOS sensor, this camera features CCD. So this will result in the slow speed of video shoots and also continuous shooting modes. 

Canon Powershot SX 150 is made available in black or red colours. This powerful camera from Canon can be purchased at a price of around Rs. 13,000/-.

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