5 Steps to getting your computer files organized

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Is your computer filled with files everywhere? Does it often take time to find your way through the clutter? Then its time to organize the files on your computer. If you have a ton of files to separate and organize, you can do it.

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Once your files start getting out of control it can take some effort to get your computer organised.Here are 5 steps that can help you organise your computer files and keep you away from the clutter.

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Decide what goes where. Departmentalize your files. Are you storing your photos in a USB Drive and your PDF's and Excel sheets in "My Documents"? You can also use Google Drive or One-drive for your project files and use Google Photos for all your Photos. You can alternatively use whatever is most accessible when you need it the most. 


Create a Break down of what you are storing. For example divide according to the subject. You can segregate Projects, Sales and accounts data.


You can make your Computer more systematic. You can create as many folders you want, if it helps you stay more organised. Breaking down the folders also helps in several ways.


Move Files if you have to. If you are still rummaging through 2010 files in 2016. You can remove them and store them on a different drive instead of having them all in one place.So that you can access 2016 files more easily.


Windows, Mac and Linux all provide you with a search option. So learn to Search.You can use Search keywords for different subjects. Don't give up on First Search. File search is different from Google Search.You might not always remember the file name. A Couple of searches can help you with it. You can try different keywords. This will help you be more productive and waste less time. It also helps you become more organised.

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