Google nexus branded tablet PC to be launched in 6 months

Posted By: Rahul

Google nexus branded tablet PC to be launched in 6 months

It has been a long wait for the tablet fans to see an android based tablet and Google has recently announced that it is going to release the much awaited Google Nexus tablet within the next six months. One of the major features in Google Nexus tablet is the use of Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which is expected to replace the much older Android Honeycomb operating system.

Google’s Ice cream sandwich operating system is expected to come with improved functionalities that includes improved interface in which the latest OS works without buttons. In order to shut down any applications, users will have to swipe sideways. This feature is capable of reducing the battery consumption to a great extent. The latest OS comes with improved security features. The latest operating system also makes use of contact person’s image once the user receives a call or message. Dock is also provided at the bottom of the Ice Cream sandwich operating system screen.

As far as the features and specifications of the device are taken in to detailed consideration, there has been no official announcement yet regarding the precise specifications and features of Google Nexus tablet. The only information available as per the sources includes the device making use of Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system as well as Quad core processors. Google is looking forward to establish a more unified android eco system by means of making use of the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

There has been no official announcement regarding the hardware partner for the Google Nexus tablet. But it seems that Asus as well as Samsung is on the list of probable’s taking in to consideration the superior hardware quality their products come with. The release of the nexus tablet is inevitable regarding the fact that Google is really looking out for a tablet that they can call their own.

A Google official in an official statement said that in the next six months they are planning to market a tablet that comes with highest quality. The official also claimed that there is going to be a brutal competition in future especially among the Apple as well as Google Android.

The fact remains that all the android fans out there will have to wait for the next six months for this amazing tablet that comes with one of the most sought after and advanced Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Let’s wait together with the utmost excitement until this cute device is launched in 2012.

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