Samsung N100 Ultra Light Netbook Launched

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Samsung N100 Ultra Light Netbook Launched
The time has finally come when people take miniaturization as a major factor when they buy electronic devices especially computers. Gone are the days when we used to stick to only desktops because of the high prices of Laptops. As time progressed so did technology and processors. It was possible to incorporate powerful and very fast processors onto laptops without any significant price change and as a result of competition laptops became cheaper by the day. Today a laptop can be availed for as low as Rs 15000. But today even laptops do not seem to interest people and are fast losing their charm.

The principle reason for this is the advent of Netbooks and Tablet PC's. Netbooks are just mini laptops which have been designed to handle lighter computing tasks like internet surfing, word processing and tasks of such kind.

Cashing in on the Netbook trend Samsung has launched its ultra light Netbook series in India. The first of them christened the Samsung N100. This ultra portable new netbook will be made available in India and will be containing a dual core Intel Atom processor. The most striking fact about the Netbook is that it weighs in at just 1.03 KG and Samsung claims that the device offers unparalleled portability and internet connectivity wherever you go.

The Samsung N100 has its roots in the highly successful N150P Samsung netbook which registered global sales of over 3 million units. According to Mr. Ranjith Yadav, Head of Samsung Mobile & IT India, the company has taken the same amount of dedication and commitment levels in the Samsung N100 as it had in the past taken for its Mobiles and other computer related devices. They promise that the new netbook will offer high quality and superb performance standards.

The Samsung N100 has a 10.1 inch display screen that provides a pleasing visual experience. The hardware specs of this Samsung netbook are on par with any Netbook you can find in the market today. This Samsung netbook has a 1.33 GHz Atom processor that is coupled to 1GB of DDR3 RAM with inbuilt Intel Graphics and also has a 250 GB hardisk.

The N100 has the Intel Meego Linux OS installed in it by default and there is a premium option for a Genuine Windows 7 OS.

The Samsung N100 Netbook is available in 8 different variants and prices range from Rs 12.290 to Rs 21,990. The Netbook is expected to do good sales in the Indian PC market when it hits stores by the end of August.

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