ZTE launching latest Android 7 inch ICS Tablet

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ZTE launching latest Android 7 inch ICS Tablet

ZTE, the Chinese manufacturers of low end electronic gadgets and consumer electronics is setting their foot on the high end electronic device industry. ZTE is planning big and as a beginning is hoping its best at the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. ZTE has shown some guts by directly stepping into the tablet business, for the record they aren’t a company so well familiar with smart phones or such android devices.

 The tablet that comes under the ZTE had its demo or more clearly a miniature model exhibited in the NVIDIA booth. That’s a real relief to know that NVIDIA a reputed name in the industry has its faith on ZTE and this support can be one vital; reason why ZTE is out there to try its luck on their tablet business.

 Tablet from ZTE doesn’t have a name or a code yet to be specified, but for the time being, lets call it the 7 inch tablet from ZTE. The tablet has some notable expected features other than its seven inch screen display like

  • Android v4.0 Ice cream Sandwich

  • Tegra 3 processor

The tablet being embedded with the advanced android, the version 4 which is the Ice cream Sandwich indeed can be expected to give out a standard performance. The tablet is definitely going to be compatible with some of the latest application software and other utilities with its OS. The real question however would be, whether the hardware is bold enough to face the challenges assigned to it or will it be a disappoint when it comes to hardware related features like the unit’s response to instructions?

The Tegra 3 processor is likely to clear some of such doubts with its super speed mother board that will give the unit enough speed that might be possibly required, putting the tablet through a standard tablet performance. May be the prototype would come solved with the issue of a low resolution screen display which is a 1280 X 800 resolutions, The icons in the display were way too small to be believe that they are actually on a tablet screen display.

ZTE is going to need more ideas and creativity if they have plans to focus in here with the renowned manufacturers of tablets and similar gadgets already too far to be reached out to have a descent competition. The price or availability of the tablet is not decided yet by the company. This year again a series of high end super tablets will have their introduction as it is confirmed at CES, and ZTE planning to grow their business in US would need more than such a tablet top achieve it.


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