10 Essential Tech Gadgets for Travellers

While so many "must-have" travel gadgets from the past has been outdated by apps, there is still a lot to be said for some seriously handy hardware to take with you on your next trip.

So, you may no longer need a travel alarm clock, but more-connected consumers need to find new ways to work longer, pack smarter and heck, even have a little fun on the road.

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Here, we bring you our 10 favorite travel gadgets, gizmos and tools, so take a trip through the gallery to see our recommendations for the geek on the go and, as always, let us know yours in the comments below.

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Philips Rechargeable Power Pack:

1. Good Power Bank

A power pack for all your portable electronic devices, this can even keep your laptop going if you get caught short without a power supply. How long it can power a device depands on the gadget, but the claim is up to 60 hours for less power-hungry gizmos. It comes complete with 12 connector tips and a carrying case. Think of it as insurance against long travel delays so you'll be able to carry on working -- or playing -- if there's a holdup.

SRA USB 4 Port Hub:

2. Multiple USB Connectors

This little gadget is such a great way to keep all your devices charged and use other USB devices at the same time. This USB Hub Man allows you to use up to 4 additional USB cords. Hence a witty way of travelling and using USB device without looking for a USB point. Plus it save your time too.

CyberPower Extension Power Cord:

3. Extension Cord

For the true gadget-lover, an extension cord is a must-have travel accessory. If you're traveling to foreign climes, then an extension cord will mean you only need one adapter and you can juice three gadgets at once. For domestic travelers it instantly solves any not-enough-power-sockets-in-cheap-hotel-rooms issues. Well worth the room in your luggage.

Smartpro Micro USB OTG Cable for Tablets and Mobiles:

4. OTG Cable

This cable lets you to connect mobiles and tablets to your other devices allowing you to easily transfer images, songs, videos and other files.

Now you can easily connect your mobile phone to a printer or connect your tablet or digital camera to a personal digital assistant and effectively complete your work. This micro USB OTG facilitates simple and rapid communication between all your portable devices.

iPhone 6, 8MP Protruding Camera:

5. A Phone With Good Camera

Photos or videos - there is nothing that can beat the iPhone 6's iSight camera. The iPhone 6's 8 MP iSight camera gets new features such as a new sensor with Focus Pixels, improved face detection and exposure control. Also, now you can take amazing 1080p HD videos with the world's most popular camera.

Nikon D5100 With 70-300mm Zoom Lens:

6. A Good DSLR

For those who are big into creative photography, the Nikon D5100 DSLR is one camera that will do the job without a fuss. With 16.2 Megapixels, full HD recording and a swivel Vari-Angle LCD monitor, the Nikon D5100 DSLR is one of the most recommended DSLR cameras in the current market.


7. A Good Backpak

You won't believe how tidy your laptop bag can be until you try the Grid-It organization system. Made up of a weave of rubberized elastic bands, it holds small objects, their respective chargers and whatnot, neatly in place. This simple-but-brilliant system means you can find what you're looking for without tipping out the contents of your bag in frustration.

Strontium MicroSD Card 64 GB Class 10:

8. Memory Card

Superior Mobile Data Solution for Smartphones, Tablets, GPS and Digital Camcorders
Rapidly Acquires, Plays Back, and Transfers Media Data, Include Extended Durations of 1080p Full HD and 3D Videos 352 hrs MPEG-4 Standard Video, 960 min of 1080p HD Video or 16000 MP3 Songs. Includes Android Backup Application, MyBackup Pro Full Version Android App Worth USD 4.99.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+:

9. A Tablet

Uniquely, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ features an adjustable kickstand and hinge, which allows you to stand the tablet up for better viewing. And you'll be able to stream plenty of Netflix, thanks to the 13:01 of battery life endurance. This Android tablet features a full-HD 1920 x 1200-pixel display and front-facing speakers for an even better cinema experience.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band:

10. Fitness Band

Get your personal dietitian or health tracker by simply putting on the VivoFit band that keeps a tab on every step you walk, every pulse in your body and every calorie intake that you make through out the day.

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