8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

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Virtual Reality seems to be the brand 'new' thing in the world of technology. With smartphone going clique shade and 'Specs War' continuing, the emergence of VR could have never been so sweet. Or is it? Well, VR has been here for ages. In fact, for a few decades now, but how many of you are aware of that. Here is a list of 7 interesting facts about VR which you probably didn't know.

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Origin of VR dates back to '60s

Virtual Reality is nothing new. In fact, unlike popular belief VR has been around for ages. While it hasn't been open for general consumers initially, but it was the first human experience of VR nevertheless. Just in case you have guessed it already, yes we are talking about the first flight simulator that was built was back in 1920. This was closely followed with the development of a prototype VR movie viewing experience dubbed the Sensorama in 1962 by Morton Helig.

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

The VR flop of '90s

Just in case you thought that the Oculus Rift are the among the first set of consumer VR products launched, then it's time to rethink. As mentioned before the origin of VR dates back to the '60s with the first set of consumer VR products being launched in the late '80s. Incidentally, the VR headsets and the devices failed to sustain in the market till the late '90s. This was more so surprising considering the fact that the VR headsets had garnered mass public interest even then. However, the over the moon pricing and the media hype; over hype to be precise were the main reason behind its failure.

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

Pricing to decide the fate of 21st century VR

High cost of a VR headset has always been the main issue plaguing VR. While the prices were over the moon back in the '80s the VR headset of present date including the likes of Oculus Rift, HTC, Samsung Gear VR are slightly cheaper. Do note, 'slightly'! With prices starting from around Rs 8,000 there aren't cheap by any means.

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

Bundling VR headsets with Smartphones may be the right way forward

People may think twice before buying their VR gadget but they won't do so before making a purchase of their favourite smartphone. So for increased popularity of VR it needs to be sold alongside smartphones as in box content. This will in way provide the first VR experience to many a user's, who would in turn spread the word. Lenovo already did that by bundling the ANT VR headset with the K4 Note.

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

From 80's to the 21st - Main developments are in the Software

Apparently the hardware has improved much during the past few decades. The technology behind VR is still the same, with the major difference lying in the portability factor of the headsets. However, the area where developers have really worked upon is the software. The softwares behind VR are far more superior than it had been in the past. The motion pictures weren't never as fluid as today.

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

Women care less about VR than Men

A recent study has now concluded that the crave towards VR varies greatly between men and women. As of now the graph is exponentially tilted towards the men, as women still care rather less about VR. Women are mainly into watching music and dance content using VR headsets.

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

Kid are more keen about VR headsets

Well, that isn't quite surprising considering the fact that some many kids are drawn into the world of technology these days. With smartphones going rampant in hands of kids, it's time for VR to go viral too. However, all depends on how their parents respond to their VR demands!

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

VR can be rather disorienting at first

First time users have reported problems related to motion sickness and headaches. This is apparently because their minds are believing that they are moving around, while they are sitting static in a chair or a couch. Developers are however trying their best to reduce this problem as early as possible.

8 Interesting Facts about VR which you didn’t know

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