Google Nexus Q Successor Passes Through FCC: Media Player to Support Bluetooth

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In 2012, Google introduced a device called the Nexus Q, a spherical media player which could play audio and video from sources like Youtube or Google Play by connecting to TV or speakers. The device was made available for pre-order on Play Store at $299. However, it was quickly discontinued and was given away as a freebie to people who had pre-ordered for it. Besides, Google pushed an update to their Google Music app which meant compatibility issues with the Nexus Q.

 Google Nexus Q Successor Passes Through FCC

Now there is news that Google has passed a mysterious new device to the FCC, the device is believed to be the successor to the Nexus Q. Called as an "H840 device", it is listed having the the model no H2G2-42, which is said to be referenced to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The only clear detail about the device is that it supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and is essentially a media player.

According to report, the device is an in-house product of Google and there is no indication of a partnership with Asus or LG. The company did announce it's Google Play Music All Access service at I/O, with this device should take full avantage of the subscription service. Meanwhile, there is still no information on when Google will make "All Access" service available to India. For now, the service is only available in the US.

Meanwhile, Google has already been criticised for it's careless attitude towards the Indian market, with respect to product releases, even the Nexus 4 was made available after huge delay. Hopefully things will change soon enough.


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