Top 10 Coolest Gadgets You Simply Can't Ignore

From drones and smart lightbulbs to a smartcollar for dogs. Here is the GizBot collect of cool and smart gadgets for 2015, which will blow your mind and amaze you through a journey of smart technology.

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Could you dream of a light bulb which would last for 22 years and be controlled by your smartphone or a speaker which would remember your music playlist while you change rooms? No right! Well we live in a world where technology has paved the path for brilliance and most importantly made our world hassel free.

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Whistle Activity Monitor:

Smart Collar

Love yourDog/Cat! This monitor allows pet owners to observe what their pets are up to all day through an app on their smartphones. So, if your dog doesn't leave the couch all day, it might explain why he's so hyper when you get home at night, according to Fortune writer Ben Geier. The unit is waterproof and its battery lasts for ten days.

Dash Smart Car App:

Dash Smart Car App

Dash is a device for your car. The device plugs into a car's OBD input (all cars made after 1996 have them), tracking the car's vital signs to identify problems before you reach your mechanic. The accompanying app offers discounts on servicing and roadside assistance.


Smart Navigator

This sleek-looking bike navigation unit uses LED lights, crowd-sourced paths from Strava and MapMyRide, and a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone to safely point you toward your next turn. The units has 20 hours of battery life and include a headlight for night riding. Hammerhead is currently on backorder, with new shipments starting in February.

Google Chromecast:


This inexpensive device plugs is simple to plug into your TV to watch streaming content. It's the top-selling electronic device on Amazon, outselling even Amazon's own Fire TV Stick.

Jawbone Jambox:

Wireless Speakers

Jawbone's portable, wireless speaker is totally inconspicuous, unless the user chooses one of the wilder from the 17 available color combinations. Its Bluetooth connection works seamlessly and the unit offers excellent sound quality.

Aether Cone Smart Speakers:

Conical Speakers

The Aether Cone, is smarter than your average smart speaker. The speaker downplays the reliance on smartphones to control the volume. A gentle twist will change the music to a different, but similar artist, and a big twist will change it to something totally different. It remembers your music preferences, customized down to the location within your house.

Powerbeats 2 Smart Earphones:

Smart Earphones

These Lebron James-inspired wireless earbuds are resistant to sweat and motion which makes them perfect for workouts. The sound is among the best heard from Bluetooth earbuds.

GE Link light bulbs

Smart Bulbs

If the idea of fitting your entire home with Internet-connected sensors seems bizzare, GE's smart lightbulb is an easy first step for saving on energy costs and controlling your lights with your smartphone. Once you've set the system up, you can relax for awhile, the lightbulbs last 22 years.

Bitdefender BOX:

Non Hacker Box

There's one big drawback to hooking your garage door, locks, lights and cameras up to Wifi - it means they're all hackable. The first products designed to ward of home hackers.

Disney MagicBand:

Disney Smart Band

Disney's wearable wallet makes vacations at the company's theme parks seamless. The RFID bracelet acts as your hotel key, your admission to the park, and your credit card for paying for all sorts of things.

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