Top 9 Alternatives To Apple iPod: Priced Between Rs 1,000 to Rs 6,000

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Apple's iPods made music pocket-sized and revolutionized how we listen to music. And yet, there are some things about iPods that are really annoying. For starters, the price, add to that the fact that you cannot just drag-drop music files to your iPod like you would with a low-tech flash drive. You need iTunes. So if you are looking for alternatives to the Apple iPod, read on.

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(Price Rs. 4000/-)

Transcend MP870

The USP of this mp3 player is that besides the internal 8 GB of memory that it comes with, it has an external memory of up to 16GB (microSD/microSDHC). That makes it possible to carry upwards of 5000 songs - more than enough to last you a vacation! This player also comes with a 2.4 inch TFT LCD display that lets you watch videos and browse a photo gallery.

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(Price Rs. 6000/-)

Sony Walkman NWZ-A844

This is another mp3 player from the Sony Walkman range is not just an mp3 player. It builds in an FM tuner as well as a 2.8 inch OLED display that plays videos as well as shows pictures. It has a 5 Band Equalizer which lets you set 2 custom equalizer profiles. Digital noise cancellation and amplifier technologies give you clear sound. This gadget comes with 8 GB memory for storing your video and music files.

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(Price Rs. 1000/-)

Zebronics Stem

This is yet another mp3 that sets you back by just three digits. It fares better than the Mitashi gadget in terms of memory (this one comes with a 4GB Transcend memory card) and ease of use. However the battery on this product fails to make a mark, as it more or less requires an hour's recharge for an hour's playback. Another USP of this gadget is that you can use it as a microSD card reader for your laptop or desktop.

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(Price Rs. 1000/-)

Mitashi EL2500

This is another mp3 player that works without a display screen and is priced at the very low end of mp3 players. That's because it has no display screen, no fm radio, and a 2GB memory. It is a great buy for those who want exactly an mp3 player and nothing else, and are unwilling to splurge.

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(Price Rs. 4000/-)

Sony Walkman NWZ-B173F

This mp3 player bears the Sony Walkman brand, and loyalists know that this mean a superlative music experience. This mp3 player is a 4GB flash drive that comes in cool colours, so you can pick one that goes with your personality. It has a 3-line LCD display that is useful when searching for a track, artist, or album. And the best feature of this mp3 player is the quick recharge. Just 3 mins connected to a USB port lasts upto 90 mins of playback.

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(Price Rs. 3000/-)

Transcend MP330

Like the first Sony Walkman mp3 player we discussed, this one is purely about playing music. It plays multiple audio file formats including MP3, WMA, and FLAC, and goes one up on the Sony Walkman gadget by providing double the memory - 8GB. It also tunes and plays FM radio. This product comes with a neck strap, and a belt clip that makes it easy to carry around.

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(Price Rs 3000/-)

Cowon iAudio E2

This is one of the best mp3 players without a display screen. It has a voice guided menu instead, that is surprisingly easy to use. The gadget itself is small enough to fit onto a key-ring or keychain, comes in a whole lot of pretty colours. Check out a video review/demo here:

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(Price Rs. 1000/-)

VOX Cordless Smart Mp3 Player BM 060

This is one of the coolest gadgets in its price range. The gadget itself sits around your neck, with in-ear headphones. This means, no lengthy headphone wires, and subsequently no more messy tangled wires in your pockets and purses! It comes with a 4GB microSD card, but you can chuck it for an 8GB one if necessary. It has a built-in FM radio player, and comes in red, black, and blue. Like I said, at Rs 650 this gadget is a bargain.

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(Price Rs. 3000/-)

Philips Go Gear Raga

This mp3 player lets you connect to the internet for software upgrades and help manuals. The 1 inch LCD display lets you browse through your playlists effortlessly. As with most other players, this one has a built in FM player and has 20 preset stations that you can set to your favourites. And oh - did I mention this player comes in multiple colour choices? Well, now you know!

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