Angry Birds Trilogy: Did You See the Brand New Launch Trailer? [Video]

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Angry Birds Trilogy: Did You See the Brand New Launch Trailer? [Video]

A new trailer for Angry Birds Trilogy for gaming consoles has been released recently. The game is all set to be released for popular gaming consoles such as XBox, PS3 and Nintendo. The game is a combination of three games rolled in to a single title. Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds said that they have included 19 new levels with more achievements and trophies in the new gaming title. 

The company claims that the latest Angry Birds Trilogy series has been designed to add up over 100 hours of total game play. The trailer showcases some interesting scenarios to reflect the fact that the gaming is now getting more exciting and bigger. Trailer shows a series of incidents like one where Angry Bird is seen scaring a pregnant woman and another one where three birds attack a car. The trailer also showed a yellow Angry Bird exploding towards an ice cream truck. 

With the latest announcement, those who were waiting for a long time to see Angry Birds flying through their HD flat screen television will be thrilled to see it finally coming true. Rovio has announced that the new games will be made available on September 28 for XBox 360, Nintendo 3DS and PS3. 

Angry Birds Trilogy will be released in a single cartridge or disc featuring the first three apps from the franchise including Angry Birds, Seasons and Rio. Reports suggest that Nintendo 3DS users will be capable of playing games in either 2D or 3D. There are also reports which indicate that gamers will be able to make use of Kinect, Move and StreetPass. 

Petri Jarvilehto, Executive Vice President of Games, Rovio was stated as saying, “There are new cinematics, extras and other entertaining content." The new game is also expected to feature individual leaderboards for each level. Get ready to enjoy the new Angry Bird gaming experience on your console with Angry Birds Trilogy. 

Have a look at the brand new Angry Birds Trilogy launch trailer below.

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