GTA 6 Trends On Twitter Again; Gamers Respond With Memes


Hearing the name GTA or Grand Theft Auto ups the excitement for any gamer. The upcoming GTA 6 is among the most-anticipated games of all time. The latest leak has once again got everyone excited, and as a result, GTA 6 is trending on Twitter. The new leak comes from an anonymous source and claims GTA 6 would debut in October 2023.


 GTA 6

The leak also suggests GTA 6 would take gamers back to Vice City with a map that spans all over Florida. The tipster also hints that game developers are remaking the GTA San Andreas. Coming from Reddit, gamers have begun discussing the latest leak, resulting in a new Twitter trend!

GTA 6 Leak: Gamers React

Here is how gamers are reacting to the GTA 6 leak on Twitter. The first one is of a gamer getting excited every time there's news of the new GTA chapter. This isn't the first time we're hearing of the GTA 6 leak. And every time, gamers get excited, but it turns out to be mere rumors.


GTA 6 Leak: Stop The Spread!

The next popular meme reaction is where gamers are asking tipsters to stop spreading such rumors. "If you mention GTA 6 anywhere on the internet, your connection should be disabled until the announcement," notes a meme!

GTA 6 Leak: Toying With Gamers’ Emotions

Another meme talked about how these leaks and tips are toying with gamers' emotions across the globe. The tweet went on to ask tipsters to stop playing with their emotions! Gamers are also still waiting for Rockstar Gamers to officially release the GTA 5 version for PS5 that comes with several upgrades. Hence, GTA 6 launch is certainly going to take a while!

GTA 6 Leak: Another Rumor

Another meme on Twitter about the latest GTA 6 leak takes it the way it is - just another rumor. The Twitter user sarcastically says, "Saw GTA 6 trending and thought it was officially announced." Another tweet also highlights that such trends on Twitter simply create hype and get everyone's hope up and going, But in reality, these are just rumors!

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