Playing FAU-G With High Hopes: A Rookie Gamer’s Ordeal


FAU-G launched with much pomp and ceremony as the first Indian-origin game to take on the popular battle-royale game -- PUBG Mobile. I'm not a pro gamer, but I began playing PUBG Mobile in full swing during the lockdown, just a few months before it got banned. Soon after, FAU-G embraced the mobile gaming space, and I was eager to try it out as well.

Playing FAU-G With High Hopes: A Rookie Gamer’s Ordeal


After months of speculations, leaks, and high expectations, FAU-G finally arrived in India with an emotional storyline based in Galwan Valley. Soon after, people began the obvious comparison with PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and other battle royale games. However, FAU-G is a game based on episodes and adds a different feeling to it. Here, I've jotted down my experience playing FAU-G.

The Bollywood Feels

Back when FAU-G was announced, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar had promoted it. Little did I know the game would bring in the Bollywood masala along! Right from the beginning, I could constantly feel like I was part of a Hindi movie. The dialogs, backdrops, and emotional tinge sync well with a typical Bollywood movie!

Playing FAU-G With High Hopes: A Rookie Gamer’s Ordeal

That's not all. Most of our Indian movies patronize the hero's role and his capability in taking down antagonists. The same can be said about the FAU-G game. The game brings in three, five, and even seven Chinese enemies in combat - and our war hero takes them all at once, or not if you're a terrible player.


I'm not a pro gamer. Surviving till the end in a PUBG match was an achievement for me. And here, I was easily able to take down the enemies easily - reminding me once again of a typical Bollywood hero! What's more, the life of the FAU-G leader hardly went down when I was taking down five enemies at once, and that too, without a weapon!

Pick Up The Weapon!

Playing FAU-G With High Hopes: A Rookie Gamer’s Ordeal

Speaking of weapons, I had to elaborate on this experience with FAU-G. The game once again highlights the prowess of Indian soldiers in hand-to-hand combat in the Galwan valley. However, it's a different scenario in the virtual game. First, let me explain a bit about the weapons in the game.

The weapons here are clubs, axes, and pointed pipes. Much like the blazing guns in PUBG, these hand-held weapons also have a limited life to fight against your enemy. However, unlike PUBG, I had trouble picking up the weapons! I noticed this several times that I had to position the protagonist in a particular way to make him pick up the weapon. Maybe this could be a minor glitch in the matrix, but it could be a life and death situation when you're in combat and you simply can't pick the damn weapon!

Playing FAU-G With High Hopes: A Rookie Gamer’s Ordeal

Nothing Analytical Here

PUBG was a point-and-shoot game, I agree. But you really need to give your 100 percent to get a Chicken Dinner! You need to know when to hide and when to ride; how to shoot and how to protect yourself from shooters.

However, this wasn't the case with FAU-G. You simply keep walking through the game, refuel yourself at campfires, and continuously press the fight button when you see an enemy.

I could have a conversation with my mom on the side and take down seven enemies at once, without requiring any of my analytical skills. FAU-G is more of a walk-and-fight game than a point-and-shoot game.

Playing FAU-G With High Hopes: A Rookie Gamer’s Ordeal

Props For The Effort, But Room For Improvement

Developing a game isn't easy, and I'd give an A grade to nCore Games, the developer behind FAU-G for bringing out the game. However, there's always room for improvement. We could have improved graphics, better movements for the protagonist, and so on. For now, I'll continue playing FAU-G till I finish all the episodes, while I wait for some improvements.

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