Sensics' Smart Goggles for gaming

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Sensics' Smart Goggles for gaming


Pepcom, a perfect place to get to known about things that you would have never heard of. One such gadget is the Sensics' Smart Goggles which is oriented towards gaming. This basically a heavy helmet with a head up display and is powered by Android 4.0 to be more precise.

This seems to be more like a virtual reality helmet that we might have played during childhood at science exhibitions but has some upgrades to it as per the recent technology. The Android apps can be run inside and the device can be paired with a wireless controller or smartphone.

The ultimate fun in the Smart Goggles is its gaming ability. Sensics has developed a test game for this device which turns you to a robot that walks through the city. As you walk over and press a particular button, The robot will punch and jump. This is a complete 3D gadget that works over 360 degrees thereby providing an impressive gaming experience to you.

The graphics in Smart Goggles is not to good and the company assures to offer better games that are more impressive. The company is planning to remove the controller completely so that when you want to punch, you actually have to do it.

There is no word about the price of this gaming helmet still and also on its availability. But we hope these will be quite expensive.

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