Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9000 Pro Review: Enhanced Surround Sound Experience


Television sets offer a good sound output, however, it may be unsatisfying at times. This is where soundbar, woofers, and home theater systems come to use for an enhanced audio experience. With features like surround sound, Dolby digital plus, and more, the Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9000 Pro is one such soundbar in the market, available for Rs. 26,999.



Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9000 Pro Review

I used the Zebronics soundbar for a couple of days and enjoyed the audio experience. Movies, news, songs, and other content sounded more enhanced with the soundbar. I was able to change the audio mode depending on the content I was viewing. I did find a couple of cons, which I've detailed in the review below.



The Zebronics soundbar comes in a large box, where the soundbar is packed standing tall and is joined with subwoofer, packed in a smaller-rectangular box. The overall package is 974 X 451 mm (width and height) and weighs 7kg altogether. It also packs a remote with a couple of key functions like the power button, mute, and so on.

Another favorable feature of the Zebronics soundbar is that it can be wall-mounted. The option to wall mount helps save a lot of space, especially if one has a wall-mounted TV. However, I placed the soundbar and the subwoofer together above my TV set, which was convenient for me.


Multiple Connectivity Options

Multiple Connectivity Options

Another feature I enjoyed on the Zebronics soundbar is the multi-connectivity choice. There's an option to connect with USB, AUX, HDMI (ARC), optical, and also wireless Bluetooth. I could connect my television via an AUX cable and also HDMI cable. The Bluetooth connectivity option made it easy to play songs via my smartphone, which was ideal for small family gatherings. Various modes can be changed via the remote.

However, Zebronics doesn't pack any additional cable for connectivity. There was no AUX cable (to connect with the TV) in the shipping box, which was a minor drawback. I had to use another cable to connect my TV with the soundbar.


Controlling The Soundbar

Controlling The Soundbar

The soundbar has four buttons, which include the power on/off button, volume controls (+ and -), and lastly the input mode for different connectivity options.

The soundbar can also be controlled using the remote. In fact, it is the source to control the bass and treble levels. The remote is also where the input options can be selected. On pressing the ‘Input' button, the connectivity options can be changed. Zebronics has also set a different sound for every mode of connection.


There is also a Reset/Pause button, forward and backward buttons to change the tracks. There's also the Pair button, for Bluetooth connections. To connect via Bluetooth, the input mode needs to be set to Bluetooth; and then pressing the Pair button links with the smartphone. Volume buttons can be controlled here as well. More importantly, the remote features buttons for different modes, which I've elaborated in detail below.

Different Modes For Better Experience

Different Modes For Better Experience

One of the best features I loved on the Zebronics soundbar is the different in-built modes. There are four modes, namely, Music, News, Movie, and 3D modes. It was easier to switch between these modes for a better experience depending on the content I was watching.

For instance, when I switched on to watch the prime time news on News mode, the soundbar gave away clear sounds without much bass or treble. The audio bites on the news were more enhanced in this mode. As a comparison, the Music, Movie, and 3D modes came with bass that vibrated off at the right times.


Zebronics Soundbar

With the Music mode, I noticed how the bass was at a higher level, where every drum beat and other sounds came off more enhanced. I also watched a wildlife docu-series called Night On Earth on Netflix to test the various sound effects on the Movie mode. I found it to be quite a thrilling experience. The 3D mode creates a better surround sound effect.

On the surface, I found a very mild difference between the Music and the Movie modes. On a detailed examination, I realized that the Movie mode has a clearer dialog pronouncement. Whereas in the Music mode, the bass and the treble sounds are further enhanced. But the stark difference was in the News mode, which is comfortable for those who don't prefer the vibrations from the bass.


Soundbar Review

However, I found a drawback while using Zebronics soundbar. Every time I switched it off, the soundbar would set back to the default volume. This meant that every time I switched it on again, I would need to increase the volume to 30 (which was comfortable to listen to, given that the TV volume was quite low).

I'm not talking about the different modes like the News mode, but the volume function. It would reset to the default volume of 10, which would require me to keep increasing to get to an audible level. As a comparison, most of the TV sets remain at the last-set volume level, not requiring the user to set it every time it's switched on.


Zebronics Surrounds You In Sound

Zebronics Surrounds You In Sound

The overall experience with the soundbar was captivating. Zebronics offers a total sound output of 120W (60 + 60 from subwoofer and soundbar). I watched a couple of videos, including movies and a few YouTube videos. I also played music via my smartphone (connected through Bluetooth). The surround sound effect with Dolby digital plus presents an immersive effect that was enjoyable.

The maximum level of both the bass and the treble is 5, which I found to give away vibrations on the windows and doors. When it was played at maximum for the wildlife documentary, I found the experience to be quite loud as the bass and the treble gave way for an engrossing audio experience.


Final Verdict: Go For It

Final Verdict: Go For It

The Zebronics soundbar with subwoofer is priced Rs. 26,999 with some additional offers at select online and offline retailers. It may be pricey, but features like Dolby digital plus, 3D surround sound, and more are worth it. The varied connectivity options (and seamless connections) are added plus points. If you enjoy your audio content with high volumes and bass, then the Zebronics soundbar is the go-to system.

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