6 Techniques On How to Hide Stock Apps Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone

The iOS 8 update installs many stock apps on your iPhone. We'll show you the closest you can get to deleting these stock apps without the need to jailbreak your iPhone.

You can't totally delete these stock apps from your iPhone, but you can hide it without sticking it in the back of a folder. This isn't a perfect solution because you will still see the stock apps listed in Spotlight search, but this appears to be a small app so it shouldn't push too many users over the edge of available storage.

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To use this method to delete the Apple Watch app from your home screen until you restart you need to a full home screen and the Apple Watch needs to be on the second screen.


Tap and hold on the selected stock app and drag it to the first screen. Hold it over top of another app to make a folder.

Drag And Drop

After the folder is created a user need to drag and drop the stock App in the Folder.

Do Not Leave

After the last step is completed the user should not leave the folder or enter edit mode. Tap and hold on the stock app again and drag it down to the dock. Let go of the app and you have successfully deleted the Apple Watch app from your home screen.

Stock Apps

After all the above steps are done and if you want them back, you can grab them back onto your home screen in a jiffy.

Instant Recover

Simply Restart your iPhone and you can get the stock apps which have been temporarily removed from the home screen.

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