How To Locate An Album In The Gallery App Of Your Xiaomi Phone


Android smartphones can be pretty complicated if you are not tech-savvy. The endless customization features, software tweaks, menus, lists and myriad of applications with similar operations can be quite overwhelming, even for users who have a sound knowledge of Google's operating system. On top of that, every OEM has its in-house custom skin that brings along new features and customizations to further improve yet complicate things for end-users.

How To Locate An Album In The Gallery App Of Your Xiaomi Phone

Among various smartphone use cases in our daily routine, camera and gallery app are among the most common ones. The gallery usage increases multifold if you are an avid photographer and like to store special memories and travel adventures in separate folders. Since our phones have limited storage, it is recommended to transfer data files to PCs for smooth operations.

If you may have noticed, the Android phone's native gallery app creates a DCIM folder to store images and videos shot on the phone's camera. You can easily sort and manage these images/videos by creating new folders that appear in your phone's gallery app.

Things start getting complicated when you try moving a specific folder from your phone's gallery app to a PC. Those particular gallery folders do not show in the phone's native gallery app when the handset is connected to the PC via the data cable.

How To Locate An Album In The Gallery App Of Your Xiaomi Phone

Follow these steps to locate a particular folder in your smartphone's gallery app. We are using a Xiaomi phone for reference here. The phone is running on the latest MIUI 12 version based on Android 11.

• Open the Gallery app or File Manager on your Xiaomi smartphone.
• Open the specific folder that you want to copy from your handset to PC.
• Open any image file in the specific folder.
• Click on three dots at the bottom right corner of the image in the MIUI gallery app.
• Click on 'Details' to locate the path of the image.


The path for a particular image in a Xiaomi phone is as follows: internal storage/miui/gallery/cloud/owner/folder name/filename.

If you are using a OnePlus device, the location path is- storage/emulated/pictures/mycollections/folder name/file name.

Once you know the exact path, you can easily find the specific album in your device's data pool when it is connected to your PC via the data cable.

It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned steps can be followed for all Android phones; however, the assigned folder path for the manually created albums will be different on all custom skins running on different Android devices.

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