How To Make Effective Brand Logos Online Using Logo Maker


Setting up an online business can be extremely challenging. It takes years of hard work to build something from scratch that could grow with time and return good profits in the longer run. One of the most important things that most people tend to ignore while starting an online business is a good 'Logo' for their brand.


What Is A Logo?

What Is A Logo?

A logo serves as the visual identification of a company, a means for anyone to easily relate to the company or its activities. It can be anything- a sign, a graphic symbol, an emblem, or anything that makes it easy for the public to easily relate to the company.

A logo is a vital part of any business or company as without a logo, no company can expect to have much of a clout in the market. The logo has to be such that it accurately represents all that your company stands for, which is the core value that forms the foundational base of your business.

It is the logo that gets etched into the hearts and minds of the public and will serve as a reminder of the products or services that your company has to offer. However, the logo has to be such that it accurately represents all that your company stands for, which is the core value that forms the foundation of your business.

All of this makes it extremely crucial to have the optimal design for your logo so that it emerges as the true face of your company over time. While all of this might make you think it is too complex to design a logo, the fact is, there are ways to make designing a logo a lot simpler than it seems.

As Thomas John Watson Jr., Son of IBM Corporation founder Thomas J. Watson says, "Good design is good business." A good logo is as important as what an organization plans to do for its consumers and its workforce. IBM hired the visionary designer- Paul Rand, the man behind the world's most famous logos to create the iconic logo.

Importantly, a good logo is extremely crucial for an online brand in today's digital era as without one a brand won't be able to undertake any meaningful marketing campaign that can be expected to yield any tangible benefits.

It is this aspect that makes the logo a vital part of any business or company in the 21st century. Without a good logo, it becomes difficult for a company to have much clout in the market. Because, Everything is design, as quoted by Paul Rand.

Important Points To Consider While Designing A Logo

Important Points To Consider While Designing A Logo

The process starts with a simple question to yourself- "why do you need the logo?" or "can my company can do without it?" Honestly, it has always been difficult to establish an identity in today's time without a logo. If you dream to take your company to prominence, it would be impossible to achieve without a suitably designed logo backing it.

Another important point to consider while designing the logo is the target market and the target audience to whom you wish to reach out. Consumers tend to trust brands with logos that they can easily relate to. For instance, if you are creating an online store for selling toys for kids, make sure that your logo looks vibrant and cheerful.

It is also important to understand whether you'd like to include your business name within the logo. It's a bit tricky process as the brands' name does not always go well within the logo unless your company has a short and unique name that seamlessly syncs with the design of the logo.

You will also have to decide on the colors of your logo design. If your company's image relies heavily on the company's color scheme, it is better to utilize those colors in your logo. Take DHL for instance- they have a strong color scheme of yellow and red.

It makes sense that both of those colors are used for their logo as well. Just like color, there should be consistency with the font as well. Instead of using fonts of different types, it might be a good idea to rely on the same font.

Besides colors, fonts and typography also play a crucial role in designing an effective logo. If your company's products have a specific design or color theme, it can do good to extend the same for your logo as well. However, you must keep things simple which will help you to convey a strong and important message without complicating things.

All things considered, an effective logo is designed with out-of-the-box thinking. You can either hire a professional graphic designer or design a logo yourself with the help of a feature-rich platform/tool if you are a creative thinker.

Easy-To-Use Online Logo Maker

Lastly, an important point to keep in mind while designing the logo will be to keep things simple. This is actually the hardest part of the logo design process as you have a strong and important message that your logo is supposed to convey, but you must find a way to do that while also keeping the design simple.

Some free software to design effective Logos for your business:

1) Free logo Design (





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