How To Prevent Data Loss In The Synology NAS System

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Data loss is an issue that plagues even the most conscientious businesses and individuals. For some businesses and industries, data loss can be irreversibly devastating. The Synology NAS system is a spectacular data management system. However, no system is perfect. System failures happen, but you can be prepared for these without suffering data loss. First, you should minimize the risk of data loss.

How To Prevent Data Loss In The Synology NAS System

Leave It to the Professionals

According to David Green (Senior Engineer) from Platinum Data Recovery - "When a data-related system failure happens, you should turn off the system and call in the professionals". Calling tech support to walk you through what you need to do will help you minimize the loss of data. If you are storing precious family photos or vital business documents, you do not want to lose a byte of data. One misstep, and you can corrupt your unit or files.

Back-up Data Often

Back your data up as frequently as you can. Sometimes the reason that you lose data is that you forgot to back it up before the pool storage/ RAID volume re-configuration. When this happens, there is an increased risk of permanent data loss.

Double Check Everything

Check your files often to ensure that they are not corrupted. A corrupt file will cause more trouble than you realize. Corrupt files cannot be recovered. Before backing up your files, check to make sure that the files are not corrupt and are correct.

How To Prevent Data Loss In The Synology NAS System

Run SMART Tests Often

SMART tests are Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology tests. These tests can gauge drive readability and status. While you may not be able to predict a drive failure every time, these tests will tell you if the drive is having a problem or if the files are corrupted. If you find that the drive or a file is experiencing failures, you can take action immediately. You can change the drives, back up files with reconfigured files, or upgrade your system. Knowing this before the drive fails will prevent loss of data.

Set Notifications

Have your drive tell you when it is having a problem. When a drive is starting to experience trouble reading or detecting files, you can receive notifications. Synology NAS will send Internal Storage notifications. This can be found in the Control Panel, Advanced tab. You can select the errors that you want to be notified of in the event of an issue. Certain notifications will help you to minimize the risk of system failure. For example, the following can alert you to a potential drive failure.

1. Drive reconnection (ICRC error) alert

2. Drive re-identification (IDNF error) alert

3. Drive reconnection alert when Synology NAS boots up

4. Alert of drive with read abnormality (UNC error)

When you begin seeing these failures, you will need to consider changing your drive or upgrading the system. On the other hand, if you begin receiving other types of notifications, you may simply have a file error. These errors need to be handled quickly, but they are less urgent. These issues are:

5. Bad sectors on drive increased

6. Drive I/O error

7. SSD lifespan warning

These concerns are critical to take care of, but they are not as vital as the four system failure issues. Waiting to handle these issues will increase your risk for data loss.

How To Prevent Data Loss In The Synology NAS System

Secure Your Data

We know that data security is crucial, but it can mean the difference in safety and loss of data. Security recommendations often change, so you need to regularly update these settings. Ensuring data security can keep files from being corrupted from breaches. Data also gets lost through hacking and security breaches.

What Do I Do If I am a Victim of a Breach?

We hope that you are not the victim of a data breach, but in the event that you are, you can recover your files in most cases.

• Reset the Disk Station Manager.

• Restore your system configurations from your backup.

• Update your security to prevent reoccurrence.

Final Thoughts

Preventing data loss through the Synology NAS system failure is the best method for maintaining your data. However, no system or equipment is perfect. All systems will eventually require upgrades or can run into problems which is when you would need expert Synology data recovery company. You can prevent loss of data through system notifications and contacting a technical support agent whenever you are having a problem.

In addition to these notifications, you can also regularly back up your files and check to make sure that they are not corrupt. Corrupt files will be harder to repair and retrieve data from in the event of a failure. If you notice a problem with a file, update it and back it up immediately. Data breaches will not only cause issues in retrieving the information, but they can also diminish your customers' confidence in your ability to provide adequate services.

Even if you are an individual using these services, a data breach could mean that confidential personal information falls into the hands of the wrong users. You should update your security settings often to avoid a security issue with the Synology NAS.

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