How to choose a speaker dock for iPod?

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Speaker docks for iPods are of many sizes and shapes. They also vary in price too. Selecting the best speaker dock of your ideas is pretty easy if you consider a few factors that make a great speaker dock. You will have to consider the following before you get a speaker dock for your iPod:

  • Audio Quality

  • Size and Design

  • Portability

  • Remote Control

  • Extra features

  • Price

How to choose a speaker dock for iPod?

Audio Quality: The sound quality of the Speaker dock should be your first concern if you aren’t considering portability first. A few docks, which lack attractive features, offer great sound quality and audibility. The not-so-feature-rich Boston Acoustics iDS3 Plus, can impress you with its top notch quality and audibility with the help of wireless sub-woofers.

If you wish to tune the sound settings to your liking, then the one of the best choices is Altec Lansing Mix iMT800. There isn’t supposed to be a distortion in the sound at high volumes, in a good iPod speaker dock.

Size and design: If you prefer a dock that can match your style, then you should dig a little to find the best stylish iPod docks. The design is as important as the sound. A good looking speaker dock will be an eye candy when iPods are mounted on it. Some speaker docks are large in size minimizing their portability factor. Where as, few other dock are small in size but offer surprising acoustic volume and quality.

Portability: If you like to take speaker docks for your iPods whenever you go outside, or for a road trip, then a pretty decent portable speaker dock is a good idea. The dock should be compact in size and easy to pack. Certain portable docks run in batteries. They would prove useful in an environment without any electrical outlet.

But one disappointing fact about such portable docks is that they wouldn’t have good sound quality and might have distortions when you tune up the volume.

How to choose a speaker dock for iPod?

Remote Control: People who would like remotes to control iPod speaker docks can get them easily as companies like Bose, Klipsch, Altec-Lansing etc offer such speaker docks, but at expensive price tags. In most docks, the remote control, although it can adjust volumes, skip and seek the music, doesn’t have navigation controls. But the iHome iP1 is quite different featuring most remote control functionalities.

How to choose a speaker dock for iPod?

Extra features: Besides the AUX input, which can be used to connect PCs and devices from companies other than Apple, certain docks will have video output, radio feature, calendar, clock and alarm features. Docks with “Works with iPhone” certification can be used with iPhones. The cooler the extra features, the more will be the price tags of speaker docks offering them.

Price: iPod Speaker docks have price tags ranging from Rs 5,000/- to Rs 25,000/- or more. If you think high end speaker systems are the best as they have the highest price, then you are wrong. Speaker docks with cooler features that the high end docks lack are available at lower price tags. Find some time to browse through iPod speaker docks online, to the find great speaker docks available with varying and attractive price offers.

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