How to fully install Siri on iPhone 4?

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Siri is yet another buzz word in the technological industry. With its wide range of uses, it seems to be a history in making. But there are many users who still wonder about what Siri really is? It is nothing but intelligent software that can act as a personal assistant application for the Apple iOS based devices that include the popular iPhone 4.


How to fully install Siri on iPhone 4?


One of the unique features that has been introduced with iPhone 4S includes the launch of Voice Assistant Program. This voice assistant program is known as Siri Voice Command. The Siri voice assistant program in iPhone 4S seems to be the only difference compared to the iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 3GS. And most of the iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 3GS users want to enable the Siri voice assistant program in their device too.


Initial Requirements

  • Download iOS 5 device that has been Jail Broken

  • Download OpenSSH as well as iFile from Cydia

  • Download SFTP Client

  • Download Siri related files from iPhone 4S




The following steps have to be followed in order to install Siri application on iPhone 4 with utmost attention!

  • Make sure that the device that you are going to install Siri is making use of iOS5 since it will only enable the installation of Siri on iPhone 4

  • If the user is making use of operating system other than iOS5 , then they will have to upgrade their operating system to iOS5

  • Users will have to ensure that the iOS5 is jail broken in order to implement the Siri voice assistant program

  • Jail Breaking is done with the help of RedsnOw tool

  • Once Jailbreaking is done, the device has to be connected to the computer by making use of iPhone Explorer

  • The process is mainly done as part of copying AssistantServices.framework folder files



  • The downloads has to be placed on the following ; Root> System> Library> PrivateFrameworks

  • Once done, the users will have to access the Springboard folder and then will have to duplicate the data completely and has to be saved on Root> System> Library> CoreServices>

  • Now the users will have to navigate towards System> Library> CoreServices> that will take them to the iFile location where Cydia can be accessed

  • Access .plist file that will be represented in the form of N90, N91 etc

  • Users will then have to add a ‘Property List’ in the .plist file

  • It has to be named Assistant

  • Set the class as ‘Boolean’

  • Set the Value as ‘Yes’

  • Finally users will have to ensure that ‘Assistant’ has to be added in the .plist file


Siri has been installed successfully on your Siri iPhone 4.

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