How to organise and share photos using Picasa v3.8?

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As everyone knows Picasa is an image organizer and can be used to organize as well as edit your favorite pictures. Anyone can use this platform to view, edit as well as photo sharing with the help of an integrated website.

Picasa version 3.8 comes with some peculiarities compared to the earlier versions. It provides some additional facilities in organizing and sharing photographs. To know more on this it is essential to understand how Picasa helps the users.

How to organise and share photos using Picasa v3.8?

To be more familiar with this Google owned product one should download the version 3.8 which is available for free. It will help you in locating all the photos on your personal hard drive or any other storage device. The Google application will also help you to organize the photographs by folder or by the date. The main features which it provides are the importing files facility, tagging photos as well as sharing facilities.

After installing the application, click open the application and then there will be a tab open in which indexing of photographs are possible. Once the Picasa has been assigned to locate all the images in the hard drive, it will be displayed on the left side of the tab opened. All the photos will be arranged with default date which can be later edited according to choice.

After wards it will be very easy to organize the file, to organize the first step is:


  • Locate the photos to be organized.

  • Select the images to be renamed. Multiples files can be selected by using ‘shift key’.

  • Give a new which ever of the choice

  • Push the button which says ‘Rename’. And every this is done automatically here after.

The renaming and other editing process can be done by importing all the photographs into the Picasa library. You can import as many as files you wish to. To make one familiar with the Picasa Library an image is given below. There is also tag facility which can be used to tag the images and share it to others. One can also keep the images public as well as private by changing the settings. One can share the photographs by performing some simple steps.

There are options such as emailing images to a particular address directly form the folder in which you have organized the photos. Print option is also available. To share the images to others the user can create a Blogger post and share it. Sharing can be done directly from the folder.

To share your photographs to everyone in web, you have to:

  • Click on the option ‘sign in to web albums’

  • You can use your Google account to log in

  • Upload photos up to 1 GB

Picasa is a very well enhanced tool for photo editing and sharing. The tool is very user friendly and can be installed easily.

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