How to reduce the size of your Presentation files?

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he major cause of huge size of presentation files is the embedded images. Usually people used to insert photographs in the files that are taken at high resolution which are above 1MB. One of the best ways to reduce the size of the files is by creating low resolution images. But there are some other alternatives too for reducing the size of the presentation files which are explained below.

Some ways to reduce the image size are briefed below.

Reduce the size of the image:

  • The size of the image can be reduced using power point. But it is better to do the resizing of the image using an image editing program as it offers more options.

  • If you want to resize the image using Photoshop, choose the image and then click on to image size.

  • Change the width of the image to 10 if you want the image to be exactly the size of a typical slide.

How to reduce the size of your Presentation files?


Crop the image:

  • In order to crop the image, select the image and then click crop on the picture toolbar.

  • If you want to crop the image using PowerPoint 2007, go to the format tab and then select size group and then start cropping the image.

Compress the image:

  • For compressing an image, select the image that has to be displayed in the picture tool bar.

  • Then use the compress pictures dialog box for compressing all the selected images.

  • Select a resolution and also delete the cropped area of the images so that the images won’t get restored to the original size.

  • If you are using PowerPoint 2007, then go to format tab, adjust group.

  • Compress the pictures and then click on the options and then tap on OK button and then save the presentation under a new name.

How to reduce the size of your Presentation files?


Reduce Quality:

  • If you are using Photoshop, select the file and then tap on the save as option after choosing JPEG as the file type.

  • After that use the quality text box or drop-down list to reduce the quality of the image file.

  • Photoshop users can change the quality of the image file by selecting the file and then save for web.

Convert the image file type:

  • The type of the image file makes a vast difference. JPEG files are the smallest files used so far.

  • The image file can be converted to another file type by using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

How to reduce the size of your Presentation files?


  • Thus each image file can be inserted into a separate slide.

  • The embedded graphics can be converted into PowerPoint objects. You cannot use insert> object to embed an object as it is hard to predict the content of the image.

  • Therefore ungroup it and then group it again and save the presentation under a different file name.

  • Never copy-paste an image or drag and drop the image into a presentation slide. Insert them as a picture by saving them as separate file.

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