How to set up an email account on iPhone?

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Setting up of an e-mail account on user’s iPhone is sure to be the desire of all those who owns an iPhone. But it seems to be a pity if the user does not know how to set up an e-mail account on their iPhone. The below mentioned steps will guide the user through the steps that are involved in setting up of an e-mail account.

How to set up an email account on iPhone?

Basic Information Required

  • Kind of e-mail account that the user possesses

  • Complete e-mail address

  • User name

  • Password


  • Users will have to open the Settings application that is present on the iPhone

  • Click on the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ button

  • Then click on to ‘Add Account’

  • Now the users will have to choose the type of account that they wish to add

  • If the user wishes to add MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL, then the only thing that the users have to do is to enter the users e-mail address, username and password

  • Then click ‘Add’ and the procedure is done

How to set up an email account on iPhone?

If the user is going to select the ‘Other’ option, then the following steps have to be followed;

  • Select the ‘Other’ tab

  • Then click ‘Add Mail Account’

  • Enter the e-mail address

  • Enter the user name

  • Enter the password

  • Then Enter a brief description of the account

  • Once done, Click ‘Next’

  • On the new screen , users will have to either select IMAP or select POP

  • IMAP will be the one that is selected by Default

IMAP mainly helps the users with the downloading of the copies of the user’s e-mails from the server to the users corresponding iPhone and thereby leaving the original on the server itself. The fact is that the changes that the user makes on the iPhone get synced back to the server as well as any other computers that are using this specified account. IMAP seems to be the one that suits well on the iPhone since the user is always making use of web mail.

How to set up an email account on iPhone?

POP just helps in the downloading of messages that are present in the server and then erasing them, the fact is that POP is only suitable for those who are making use of a single device.

  • Users will now be able to see their name and e-mail address being filled in automatically

  • Host Name will be represented in the incoming mail category

  • The user name will be initially empty

  • Users will now have to enter the information that they received from their corresponding e-mail provider

  • Follow the same steps in the outgoing mail server section, the only change comes in the host name that will be different since it represents the users SMTP Server

  • Once done, click on ‘Next’

  • Now the users will have to choose the type of information that they will have to use with this account

  • The Mail option should be turned ON by default

  • The Notes will be turned OFF

  • Finally click on the ‘Save’ button

  • The process is done

Now the users have their e-mail account set up on their iPhone.

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