How to use Friend Manager in Facebook?

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Friend Manager is an unofficial app that provides the users with better control of the persons with whom the user shares their Facebook updates with. With Friend Manager, users are able to organize their Facebook friends. The organization is done categorically as ‘Close Friends’ as well as ‘Acquaintances’.

Friend Manager is an app that was developed by Mike Hudack as a project. It has to be noted that the app is not at all associated with Facebook in anyway.

How to use Friend Manager in Facebook?

The detailed description as well as functioning of the app is given below.

  • Friend Manager app helps the users with the dragging as well as dropping of their Facebook friends in to separate categories

  • There are mainly three categories that include

    • Regular Friends

    • Close Friends

    • Acquaintances

  • Now the users can have a better understanding of how to make use of the friends list feature on Facebook with the help of this app

  • It has to be noted that whenever the user get started with the app, all their friends will be loaded on to the Regular Friends as well as Close Friends bucket by default

  • It has to be noted that the Close Friends will be automatically categorized by the Facebook based on the user’s usage

  • Once the user begins the dragging as well as dropping of the friends, they will be able to take a note of the addition of the Acquaintances category which will be represented as a choice under the friends option

  • For viewing it, users will have to;

    • Select the Update Status option on the top left of the page

    • Then click on the Friends tab that is denoted besides the Post option

    • Once the user clicks on it, they will be able to see a wide range of options

    • Of the options provide, users will have to click on the second option that denotes Friends that is denoted below the Public option

    • When the user clicks on the Friends option, they can see the option titled Friends except Acquaintances

The app has more significance taking in to consideration the fact that it is quite difficult for the users to know who is going to see the things that the users post on their profile. Friend Manager App seems to provide the required solution for this problem.

That’s it. This is how the users can make use of the Friend Manager app for managing friends in Facebook.

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