5 Secret Touch Gestures That Will Improve Your Android User Experience Forever

Almost every Android phone is different than other. But there are certain tricks that uniform them all. Here are 5 of them.

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Android is stacked with so many tools and configuration options that we often overlook some of its most useful features because sometimes they're hidden in plain sight.

5 Secret Touch Gestures That Will Improve Your Android User Experience

Smart touch gestures are one of a kind Android features that opens a new door to smart Android user experience. Here are 5 such touch tricks that you can use to enhance your Android smartphone user experience.

1. Long press app notifications to access the app’s settings

There is no secrecy that if you slide a notification message to one side, it will disappear. But, if you hold your finger on the app notification and select the gear cog icon, it can take you to settings option.

2. Double Tap on Words to Get Shortcuts

Since Android Marshmallow has come onto the scene, the usual copy- paste double-tap function has got a major upgrade. Now, double-tap on a word, phrase gives you a menu button (three vertical dots) along with copy and share.

This menu button lets you search for the selected text on the web, active Google Assistant and translate it. Now you can do it all without leaving the screen.


3. Zoom in on any screen

Many applications allow you to zoom in on a screen by placing two fingers. However not all applications all that. But, there is a workaround. You can magnify your screen without any app right from the Android settings.

Activate the function by going to Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures. Once activated, you can click thrice on the screen to zoom in on anywhere you want.


4. Make the Google keyboard occupy less space

If you want to reduce the keyboard's size, you can simply press the Enter key for a few seconds until a new option appears on your keyboard.

5. Uninstall an app directly from the home screen

If you long press on an app icon on your home screen, this will allow you to uninstall it directly. All you are required to do is to drag the app to the word Uninstall that appears once you long press. That's all!

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