Here are 4 Ways You Can Have Wi-Fi Access Everywhere in India

Have some important mails to send and don't have a working mobile data? Here are 4 tricks to get Wi-fi access anywhere and everywhere you go and browse as much as you want.

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How will it be if you are able to access Wi-Fi anywhere and everywhere you go? Interesting right?

Here are 4 Ways You Can Have Wi-Fi Access Everywhere in India

Having a Wi-Fi connection everywhere you go is no more a dream. Yes, there are ways to have Wi-Fi connection whether we are at the office, travelling or in any other situation.


We at GizBot have come up with 4 ways trying which you can have a Wi-Fi connection at all times, whether you're travelling or at home, and send across huge files, images, videos or any other documents, and save your mobile data.

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Connect to Guest Networks

Connect to a guest network can allow you to have access to the internet wherever you go. Just switch the Wi-Fi option ON of your device and you'll get the available networks around you, just simply connect to them and enjoy browsing.

Improve Commercial Hotspot Connection

So while you're travelling, and need to send across important emails or documents urgently and have no access to the internet, you can simply connect to any of the commercial hotspot available near you.

This can be done at any time whether you're in restaurants, airports, hotel or anywhere you go.

Use Open Networks

While you are outdoors, and switch ON the Wi-Fi option on your device, there will be a list of networks available around you will display. Select the one with an open network and you can simply connect to the internet at anytime from anywhere.

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Build Mesh Networks

Using a mesh network, by connecting it to your friends mobile internet, will deliver the user with much safer and secure internet connection, unlike that of the open network, which can prove to be a little risky.

Save Your Mobile Data

It often happens that mobile data is not enough to complete a task and that's when we would require a working Wi-Fi connection.

Having a Wi-Fi connection at all times can save a huge of mobile data, make life easy and also avoid wastage of money.

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